Your 2023 Internet Marketing Plan for Damage Restoration Contractors

Can you believe we are a month into 2023? (Time sure does fly by)

Before you know it, it’ll be the end of the year…
Will you be wondering where your year went OR will you be celebrating hitting your 2023 Goals?

It’s up to you and where you are investing your time RIGHT NOW…

Topics Discussed:

  • Discover the latest trends and HOW you can stay ahead of the curve
  • Uncover the proven methods to maximize your call count from customers looking online for your services
  • What you need to Dominate Your Local Market in 2023
  • How to Actually stay on track with your go to metrics

Audio Transcript

Alright, thanks everyone for hopping on. I want to be respectful of your time and just try to keep this uh as short and sweet as possible. Um But also bring a lot of value and some good nuggets That you can implement your restoration company in 2023 and and hopefully make it your your best year ever and we’ll kind of talk about what’s working best now uh as far as marketing and growing your restoration company. So I kind of have a loose agenda here that we’re gonna cover. You know, we’ll talk about goals and targets for the year that you wanna achieve. We’ll talk about KPI S and how to reverse engineer on how to hit those goals and then we’ll kind of map out a higher level plan on some things we can do to generate the number of leads. You need to hit those goals and some and again, some things that are kind of working now um from online perspective to to grow and scale your restoration company. Um Now, hopefully you got an email from us. It could potentially have gone to your spam folder with the there’s a workbook that goes along with this and I will, I think the chat should be enabled now. So let’s see. Give Me 1 2nd here. I’m gonna drop the link in the chat in case you didn’t get it. Give Me 1 2nd here. Mhm. All right. You should. Alright, the workbook is in the chat so let me know. Hey Maria, I see your your question. See if the chat is the working now. It should be ah here we go now. Try it. Yeah there we go man there’s always some settings or something. There has to be updated their tweets every time I get on a zoom I feel like they update something. But alright there we go. So you guys have a link to this workbook um you can kind of follow along with me if you like but um to really flesh this out you’ll probably need a little bit more time that we’re gonna spend together today. So really you could just work through that workbook um after today’s meeting to kind of make but but now you have a copy of it so you should be good to go. Um Okay so I think we’re good to go. Alright so link the workbook is in the chat if you want to uh to get that and I didn’t test that link but that link on the screen should work as well. But let’s uh and again this isn’t about me, this is about helping you know me, you know me helping you guys map out your your marketing plan. But for those of you that don’t know um I own restoration marketing group, been in construction all my life. Used to manage construction, I mean commercial uh commercial construction projects with the heating and air subcontractor. So I have more experience on the general contracting subcontracting world with you know if any of you guys do the rebuild recon then that’s, that’s the world I come from. Um, but now, you know, I’ve been doing this uh five or six years now specifically for restoration companies helping them grow and scale uh, you know, via digital marketing in the, in the internet. So we’ve, we’ve, we’ve worked with the hundreds of restoration companies at this point. So we’ve learned a thing or two about what works um, in this, right? So that’s what, hopefully you guys will get some value from this today. And again, this is just some, you know, we’ve got some reviews and stuff that, you know, we get in from our clients and you know, some, I don’t have every now and then people are like, man, you know, construction restoration is kind of um, you know, a little behind the times on technology and the internet. Um, but you know, I don’t have to convince people that internet marketing and google is not going away a couple of years ago. People like, man, I don’t need a website like, you know, I get plenty of referral jobs or whatever. But you know, all those people were, you know, sub three million, right? Like all the big boys 10, 15, 20 million up, trust me, they’re they’re doing internet marketing and they’re going hard on it because they realize it’s 43 at this point, right? Google is not going away. Um, so that’s what we’re gonna talk a little bit more about uh today and again, here’s, you know, again, I show this because this stuff what I’m gonna talk about, it works all day, every day. Here’s these are just text we get from our clients. Um Now this includes recon but $722,000 from two jobs. He gets hundreds of calls a month. So what I’m going to talk about, like I can promise you it works. And then, you know, there’s another client, couple 100 grand in three weeks time. Um You know, here’s a couple of others, 4 to 5 X in the number of leads he’s getting every month, here’s another $95,000 job. And again, not all of y’all do rebuild. I get it. Uh And I know that every market is a little bit different, but that’s where we tweak and optimize our strategies pending the jobs you want, the demographics of your market service area. I mean, there’s a lot of variables. Um But today I’m gonna cover kind of a lot of things to think about as you want to grow in scale and dominate in your service area. Um And this framework to can help you grow and expand into other cities. States, like we helped a lot of our clients do that over the years too. So this whole framework can be rinsed and repeated into other markets. So keep that in mind as well as we work through this. Um But step one, right? We’ve all, well maybe we, you haven’t heard setting goals and what we’re gonna accomplish in the year, it’s a starting point you have and then that, and then from there you reverse engineer how to hit your revenue targets uh for this year. So maybe, you know, some of, y’all are trying to go from 4 to 5 million last year and you know, maybe you hit it, maybe you didn’t, but you know, resetting those goals in KPI S is kind of the starting point. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with brian Tracy or not, but you know, he has a saying that I like success is goals all else is commentary, right? And then this way you guys can pass this back to your team and let them know, hey, this is where we’re trying to hit. Um and then, you know, you have to look at this is, you know who what and win is gonna help us hit these goals. Um and you know, if we were to compare this to a sailboat at sea, you know, without a plan or wind in the sails, right? Like the sailboat, just gonna spin in circles or maybe not go anywhere right? But once a destination is picked and you align with the wind, then that way that gets the sailboat from point A to point B um you know, just to kind of put a, a metaphor out there for you. So, you know, take a second to think about, you know, where your average monthly revenue currently is. You know, the average number of jobs you’re getting per month. And then also, you know, you should know your average ticket amount. And again, this will vary for some of you guys, whether you do some of you on here might just do mold uh well, and then there’s also many factors of mold, as you know, you know, do you just do mold inspection and testing stuff? Do you do the remediation as well? Do you do both? Like that will affect your average tickets? And then if you do mold versus emergency water mit jobs that will affect your conversion rates uh as well. Right? We all love the emergency uh you know in and out high profit margin water water mitigation jobs. Um And then, you know, if you do the rebuild recon that’s gonna affect your average. Uh you know, on on average are our clients typically 123 to 4 X. Their average ticket amount by adding in the rebuild. Um But as you know, that’s managing those jobs, a whole different ball game, you better know what you’re doing there are managing subs managing crews, that’s why the, you know, the profit margins are typically a little smaller there, but again, you can 2 to 4 X. Um you know, like what I just showed you guys that text message, one of our clients that’s big in the rebuild, he got three quarters a million uh in revenue from two jobs he landed just like that because but again, there’s a lot of more, it’s they’re way more management intention intensive and all that so that sometimes there’s there’s pros and cons to all of it, but but knowing all these numbers and the number of text you have, you know, a number of vans and trucks, you have, you know, in your revenue, you can look at this revenue by truck if you want. Um And then also, well and again I got ahead of myself, so looking at You know what your annual revenue target is? How many cruise trucks are you gonna need to run that amount? Um right, so just really this again, this is a 30,000 ft view um and we’ll dive deeper to, so this is a worksheet and again, we’re not gonna, I don’t wanna take up too much of your time so you can finish filling this sheet out after this call. But this is great to kind of help you reverse engineer. Um So let’s uh here let me let me grab this and see if this link. Uh I’m gonna put this link in the chat as well just in case you guys um Don’t have this one as well. But let me test something real quick. Alright, yeah, cool, here we go. Alright, so this link I just put in the chat will be to this google sheet. Um and then what you wanna do, I don’t know if I put the right kind of link in here or not, but do me a favor, Go up here to the top right and click make a copy. So you don’t mess up my uh So we we should update the setting on this, but if you click file, make a copy um you know, you can put your, you know, abc restoration or whatever your company is, you can put it up here in the in the title with it. Um And then that way we’re not all messing up the sheet. Um But you know, you can put your, you know, your starting point revenue in and then you know how many jobs you want to get or how many jobs you need to hit um your goal and then as throughout the year you can track now, you need to drag these formulas over, you just uh you know, do it like that, you just drag the um this little blue square over. But so in the goals, you can map out your goals and then throughout month a month then um you know at the number of jobs you got and then put your average ticket up here and then this will be a way for you to track month over month how you’re doing uh as far as revenue growth goes now this tab Is this is one of my favorites. So here let’s say you want to do in this example, this is 2.5, right? Let’s say you want to do 2.5 million this year. So that would be a little over 200 grand a month. You need now and this and this is this is why you need to do this worksheet for yourself because everybody’s numbers are going to be exact. And I get that every market there’s different average job tickets. But let’s say a good national average is about 3500. I mean that might be in the low end like I’ve been hearing, you know uh you know, maybe it’s due to inflation or not but a lot more 333 $7000 average mit job here lately. But let’s let’s say, you know, 35 hundred’s a safe play across the country. Um And again, if you’re in a smaller market it might be a little less. If you’re in a bigger market might be a little more um If you’re exactly make guru then you might, you know, you might have that that 78 I mean I’ve heard numbers all over but we’re gonna again we’re gonna use 3500. So you need 60 calls To hit or 60 jobs to hit that revenue amount. Right? So Yeah, basically 60 jobs if your average tickets. 30 500. So now, Well we have a 4003 Um now this is kind of based on call conversion, this is a 50% closing rate, that’s the same, you know, because if you’re, once you get the point, you’re generating a couple 100 calls a month, Not everyone is gonna be a good lead. Right? So that’s why we’re taking out 30% of those being customers calling back whatever. But then like if you’re doing water emergency type jobs, you should have a higher close rates. And so that’s why we have 50% taking 30% off the top and then closing 70% of those. Um, will equate to 50% here. So a number of leads to hit 200 over 200 grand. Um, 4003 leads a month. Okay. Now if you were doing, let’s say your average lead cost was 250 Then that you would need $30,000 a month budget to hit that. Now, some of, y’all might be like dang 3093 that’s cheap cost per lead. Some of y’all might be like, Good Lord, I’ve never paid 3083 3073 a lead. That depends on your market and, and this is, you know, this is everything aggregated together. Now a lot of you are familiar. 3063 mile and all that like 3053 3043 elite in some markets, I would pay that all day and I would have no budget, I would a lot of our clients that, I mean they open it up there like, hey, I want 3033% market share to 3023 lead all day every day because again 3013 if you’re not, you know, you would want to be willing to pay 3003 21400 for a 212023 212023 $3345 job all day every day. Now the beautiful thing is a lot of times Their average ticket is 500 grand, 21100 grand, 500 grand. So even if you have to pay 2110 to leave 2130 to leave, like I said, I showed you that one text message, he made $21000,000 from two phone calls. Now every call does not equal that I get it. Um but again if you do the rebuild recon obviously you have a little bit more wiggle room there but to each his own it’s your business, right? You know your numbers, that’s what the this worksheet is for. But this is from a paid traffic perspective it kind of can let you know uh because it happens all the time. I mean we got guys getting hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of calls a month. Uh but again it depends on the market in your budget, you can’t, and this puts things in perspective like a lot of people. Yeah I wanna do, you know three million next year. Like I got $400 a month, budget like it ain’t happening like so this is to help put things uh in perspective and realistic um and you can again based on the population of your market and the size of your company and the size of your average ticket value, you tweak these numbers and get something um help you map out this year and what might be realistic for your market now, the next tab down here is budget allocations um and I don’t want to spend too much time on this, but this will let you play with some of the numbers on and tweak based on your um Yeah and see here rule of thumb. Yeah, so a lot of companies, if you ask business consultants whatever and this again this is teacher zone, but common practice in the business world anywhere from 5 to 15% ish uh revenue to spend on marketing. Um now again depends on how aggressive you want to be. And I would advise spending something on marketing, whether it’s online offline um referrals is a huge thing in this business, I get it. I always advise our client to do it. Um But I will say we’ve yet to come across anybody doing 10 million plus that’s not leveraging, that’s not investing in their marketing, like you can referrals are great and and because those are like the best leads you can get to write, but you can’t like with with marketing, once you figure out your KBS numbers it turns into a dial and you just turn the dial as you want to grow your company. That’s the beautiful thing about it. Once you know the numbers you just, hey I’m I’m gonna spend 10 grand this month. Once you know you put in 333 you get 100 back, hey let’s spend 20 oh what do you know we’re making 1 75 to 2 25 a month. That is the end goal of all marketing in my mind. Um that I know a lot of the, you know multiple once you get in multiple millions usually they’re they’re that’s the they’ve got that dialed into some form of fashion. So this worksheet is here to help you just start breaking things out with referrals, repeat offline and online. So you can kind of help, you know, if you don’t spend 20 grand a month on all your marketing, you can kind of segment get put some of that towards online some of that towards offline. Um and then you know maybe you have a B. D. M. Or business development route helping you with some of the the other stuff and you can kind of play with these these numbers and stuff. Again, I don’t want to go through all of that. Um but and then you can also start tracking your, Your lead cost by source. Remember this we look here, this is 250 on average but you shouldn’t be paying to 50 lead from some of these sources right? So these are just again what we’ve seen a lot in different markets but um You know, 433 and these are exclusive leads to write like, you know Angie’s and home advisor and all that thumbtack. Um well I’ve heard that they’re, they’re calls have actually creeped up to near these numbers. Um but those aren’t exclusive and if you guys have any experience with any of those, the, you know, the closed rate is going to be lower and a lot of people just hate them all together. Um But you know, so here’s some numbers that we see and again 300 might seem a little high. But some of these markets, I mean you start looking at Houston Miami L. A. I can promise you the restoration companies dominating those markets, they’ll pay $300 day every day and that and that is why the paper lead services are charging for 5500. I mean some of some of them 7 50 a lead. Right? So you gotta put all this in perspective based on your market. Uh Local service ads man, we have client. I mean this is, I’m very bullish on this. And and again it’s it’s kind of there’s there’s some tweaks you gotta make and things you gotta do to make this, but once this takes off and goes, I mean $130. I mean we, I was looking at the client getting $60 in his market. Uh He literally got over 100 leads last month, let’s sub under 100 bucks a lead from just local service ads alone. Like if you’re not doing it, do it. God, it’s and it doesn’t last forever, right? It’s like just back in the day when pay per click was a lot cheaper than it is now and it still works. But over time as more and more restoration companies start doing this, it drives the cost up, right? It’s simple supply and demand. Uh, local service ads, which is google’s paper call platform. Um, It’s not like brand new, it’s been around a couple of years, but it’s still young as far as the timeline of marketing goes and that’s why it’s such good cost per lead right now. Um and then, you know, organic, which you know, compiles of your google business profile formerly called google my business and your, your search engine optimization, you know, that’s driving traffic to your website. Um It’s, yeah, it’s, well, you’re not paying for the click or the call, but you have to pay somebody to get you there. Right? I mean, that’s what we, we help our clients do because that’s the, it’s the cheapest, but again, you’re not gonna get there overnight and uh, you gotta understand how to do it, but it’s a great lead source. So here, you know, you can look at your blended average and and to figure these out, hopefully you have whether you, you know, you’re doing your marketing in house, you’re working with a company, hopefully you’re tracking all of your leads and revenue by source. Um that’s what we do for our clients because, and that’s how you’re able to figure out all these numbers and again, that’s how you turn the dial um, to ramp all this stuff up. But again, plug these numbers in for yourself. Um, there’s also a marketing, you know, calendar on here. You know, I just dumped some stuff on here, but you can, you know, again, it’ll like people in florida will have a different strategy and content calendar than people in the new york for example. Right? And then that will be different than people in texas which will vary from people in California. Um, so you guys know the weather patterns in your market, you guys know the good times a year, the bad times a year. Um, so mapping out all of this and and having a strategy for all your different marketing channels can be wise. And I think helpful, um, you know, just for example, like everybody you know that that storm came through recently, uh, and hopefully, you know, everybody on here and everybody watches this, you know, you, you’ve loaded up from that storm if that’s if you’re in that market. Um, but see, we knew that was coming. So a lot of a lot of our clients that they’re out of equipment, right? So we love hearing that, but again, we knew they were in a storm prone area and we knew pipe burst, frozen pipe burst. Like we knew that was coming, right. So you want to be ahead of schedule from your marketing standpoint to be able to capture as many jobs as much market share as you can when, when opportunities arise like that and long term, right? You want to evergreen marketing strategy in place as well. And then, you know, you can get creative here with some of the promotions and things you want to and again, teaches own, look up the rules and regulations if there are any in your particular state and you know, I know different carriers are different. Some things you can and can’t do advertising. Um, but we’ve seen some, you know, some people get creative with offering to help to pay your deductible. Uh, I mean that could be even a closing strategy for you, right? If you know, you have enough experience to know if it’s, if it’s about to be $4003,000 job including rebuild or whatever or even like a $50,000 MIT on a hotel that floods. Um, you know, you might be wanting to be like, hey, you know what, I’m gonna, uh, and again, you got to this, don’t take this as legal advice or financial advice. There might be rules and regulations in your area, but you might be able to, hey, you know, don’t worry about your deductible, we’ll take care of that for you. And again, I’m not saying do that. I’m just saying I’ve seen some people do that. Um So yeah, so that’s This work. She I don’t take some time after this to kind of work through this and then again make it specific to your situation, your market and your goals and then, you know, get with your team. I think this can kind of help you map things out uh in 2023 and just kind of have a framework of realistically how to get there to like this will let you know um that you know, if you want to do 2.5, let’s say you wanna, you know, layer in additional 2.5 revenue, like there’s gonna be costs associated with that, right? It’s not gonna be free. You can’t want, you know, 100 50 leads a month uh and and pay $400 to get there. So this kind of helps, you know, dial all that in for you um and get realistic but spent some time after this and kind of, you know, I want you guys to have a good plan. I’m going into this year. So let me rework the screen here. Does anybody have any questions or anything about this or like one while I’m redoing this. I mean does all that make sense? I mean it kind of been um but I don’t know, just messaging the tide if you in the Yeah, so good question. So if you have rainy season um in april or may, so here’s how we typically what we do like the good thing is you know that right? So there’s different things we do and I’ll just talk mainly about online marketing cause that’s that’s my expertise and what we do. So knowing that we typically do pay per click local service ads, google business profile and website optimization slash S. C. O. Organic. Right? So you know with the local service ads and the paper click you know you can just turn those on in in the or you know some people like to pause that most of our clients just leave it all up and running unless they run out of equipment they just like literally can’t handle anymore. Then we will pause some of their paid campaigns but that’s really the only way they want to do that they’re just bombarded and can’t handle it. Um But you could wait to turn that on Marie for example. But so from your organic perspective and your rankings perspective, like you would want to go ahead and start marketing for that now because from google maps and organically this is not 20233 years ago where you can spam and start ranking like it takes months upon months. And the good thing about that is once you get ranking it’s easier for you to hold the top spot because people can’t just spam their way above you but getting there can take months to be honest. Um But like, so knowing that you could start doing blog posts and press releases and uh making sure you have service pages on your website. Uh just being able to capture the rainy season. Um but for example, like we were running, let’s say for this storm that just came through, you know, we’re doing all those services for our clients. So there like people are gonna go to google like the call volume will increase due to the rain or the storm. So whoever is ranking on top and easier to find is gonna get the bulk of the market share. So that’s why our clients like they know that going into it. That’s why I like whether it’s slow season or busy season, they’re keeping the pedal to the metal because they know everybody that’s starting and stopping and this or that like google can see all that is when it comes to pay traffic and they don’t, and google is a for profit company. And and this is the, this is the big leagues restoration. There’s a lot of money to be had. I mean millions, right? So that’s what drives up the advertising cost. Unfortunately when it comes to google and some of this and you have to pay to play. But google is a for profit company like I said, and and and we do see that like the people that are going full force and and there they don’t really start stop this or that. Like it does sing google shows them a little more love. I don’t, I don’t know. That’s just the way it is. Um but really so dance your, that’s a, you know, a long answer to your question Marie. But like I would start thinking about it now from google from a ranking perspective because people, a lot of the search terms will be the same even when it’s a rainy season, but whoever is in the top three in the map pack and then whoever is in the top three in the local services, they’re gonna get the call. Um that that makes sense because the rain and the storms will still lead to search terms like restoration company near me. Right? So that’s where like you either way you just want to be in the top. Um, and then yeah, if you do get too busy, you run out of equipment and all that, then you can pause your paid traffic. But then, you know, the organic, the beautiful thing about it is you don’t, you’re not paying for those clicks and calls. So our guys will just like, hey, we’re booked three weeks out. Like unfortunately sometimes they’ll still get the job or they might refer it to their buddy. Hey, you know, just give me 10% off the top. I’m gonna give you this job. I mean you can get creative with those calls that are gonna keep coming in because remember you can’t turn off your maps rankings or your organic uh but you can still make make money from it. So hopefully hopefully that help. Um But yeah from yeah, so hopefully hopefully that help, there’s there’s many different angles and scenarios but alright, let’s let’s move on. So You know, we talked about, you know, this should say 20, um Still, but so what are your goals for 20, And how many leads do you need to get there? I mean that’s really, I mean if you had to sum this up, that’s kind of what you need to know, right? And then like I said, go work through this um you know, today, tomorrow over the weekend, whatever, you know, the crazy thing is, the first week of january is almost already gone. It’s gonna fly by as usual. But work work your take some time to work your way through that and uh I think it’ll be good helping you, you know, growing scale. So now let’s talk about your marketing strategy now we kind of separate things into different buckets. Um but and I kind of just touched on some of these to answer your question Marie, but Organic paid, you can do database reactivation to re engage some of your prior clients. Um Now depending on the services you offer there, you might get a little creative like obviously you can’t email somebody and be like, hey is your house on fire? We can help. Obviously you got to be strategic about the, that’s why it’s important. Like, you know, we always think about who’s the ideal client and then we think about the marketing channel we want to use to go find them. So you know, obviously depending on if you know whether you’re a full blown water fire mold company or uh, you know, some of you might do remodel in um Restoration. Now a lot of our guys do carpet cleaning and restoration. So there’s some tactics and strategies there to kind of with the database reactivation. But these are three from a 30,000 ft view. All of these drive leads all day every day and again, not covered here, but we all know there’s business development rep, uh, you know, insurance agent, property manager, plumbing referral. We always, you know recommend and advise. That layer in some of that never hurts. And then, you know, you want to have, make sure your website is built to convert. You want to make sure your, you have a review acquisition strategy in place. Um man, I started talking a couple of years ago like guys, it’s, this is where it’s going because this right here, reputation and review management. And the good thing is I don’t wanna say we always see it coming, but you know, part of my job is to think three or four years out right And to make sure we’re taking our clients ahead of the game. And here’s the thing I’ll just say about this, we all know what amazon is and we all know and have probably looked at reviews of a product before we bought said product. Okay, so a couple of years ago we started watching like, man, this is getting more and more into the service industry and it was kind of relevant, but now, like more than ever, uh, your review rating and how many reviews can matter on how many leads you get from an online perspective. And also, you know, your google business profile reviews, connect to your local service out reviews. So we’re seeing a lot of correlation there and people, you know, a lot of our clients that listen to us, you know, a couple of years ago now that, that is how you get hundreds and hundreds of calls in a month and you dominate and, and, and we like our client. I mean, I’m competitive. You know, hopefully you’re probably competitive in the market to you want to dominate your market. And this business owners, we need, we want to try to get as much market share as possible. Right? We’re not running charities here. So that’s, um, that’s, that’s one thing I would put on your radar very highly if you haven’t already because we’re seeing some huge stuff come from that. And then there’s a lot of automation and stuff now that you can look into putting in place for lead, follow up and conversions. Um, so hopefully you have some of that in place. It’s speed. The lead is the name of the game, hopefully the calls getting answered. But again, one thing we’ve realized in track is once you’re getting to 300 calls a month, um, even with the 24/7 um, answering service, you know, people, there’s going to be hang ups and stuff like that. That happens right? Like I said, because once you get a couple 100 calls coming through, like no matter what systems you have in place and, and round robins and all this like things kind of just slip. Now there’s automation and this is the beautiful thing about it being 20233 all the technology is like, so us for example, we have miscalled text back automation for our clients where if it’s missed it will automatically text them re engage them. But hey, you have a water damage issue question mark. And the other day I was looking for example, yes, we do already filed a claim on insurance company just looking for somebody to do it. Boom, our client hopped on call them back immediately as soon as they got off the line, they added there an additional claim just from engaging that lead before they call, you know, sir, pro pure clean restoration one or abc restoration. Um, you want to engage the lead before they keep going down the, you know, their list of who to call. Uh just things like that can really help maximize your conversion rate and and that’s how you take the number of leads you you already already getting and increase that from 50 to 60 70% conversion rate. Um And then you want to take a look at your spend, your average cost per lead and your overall R. O. I. And obviously whatever is working best you want to deploy more resources into that channel. Right? If I had to sum up that column. So we talked a little bit about strategy, you know, maybe think about and make some notes on things that you should look into to implementing this year to help you increase your R. O. I. On your marketing plan that I just covered. Um And and throughout this year I probably, I don’t know if I’m gonna do it every month but probably at least once a quarter. I typically break down one of these channels um and do more of a deep dive on pay per click or google local services or S. C. O. To kind of get real granular or more granular on it on how you can implement it and things to do and don’t do for your restoration company. But you know what I would advise though for 2023 is have a comprehensive approach doing one of these. Never got anybody to 15 million. 20 million plus. Uh you got at some point to start layering in, especially in our industry where you can get 10 calls tomorrow and then it could be quiet for +23 days or, or even a week or two. There’s ebbs and flows in lead volume when it comes to restoration. Right? So the more, you know, if we’re gonna take all fishing poles, the more fishing poles in the water you have, um, and we know there’s fish out there, right? Like there’s plenty of leads to be had. But the more fishing poles you have, the more fish you’re gonna catch. Um, and I still come across, I mean, a lot of restoration companies that don’t have that aren’t even thinking about this. They’re doing it. They’re like, yeah, I mean, I’m doing some paper lead that’s about it or Yeah, I mean, I’m getting referrals every now and then, uh, I’m doing pay per click, but yeah, that’s it. Uh and so that’s that’s normally what, where we come in and help them fix that. But again, whether it’s us, somebody else or your in house team, I would highly advise taking each piece of these and and put in a strategy in place. Um So, you know, maybe if you want to make a note on your notepad in your workbook somewhere. Uh, if there was any of those that you didn’t, maybe that you saw, you don’t have in place, maybe make a note, you can get with your team and get that going ASAP. Um and you know, so if we wanted to kind of look at some of this, you know, make sure your website is built to convert uh because it matters and I’ll show you why, you know, most people have kind of updated websites these days but still come across some every now and then, You know, look like they’re built in 1980 but teachers on right like we all go through phases of business and you just got to get something up that step one, I get that. But once you kinda get going and get more resources I would um and and it matters right because you’re in and again I’m gonna show you uh in a minute because you know a lot of this traffic as I’m showing here um now there are click to call things and stuff you can do there but but you know, majority of the traffic kind of funnels through your website before they call. Um so making sure represents your brand, your company, your values and all that can really help you, you know, have a presence in your market and help you turn more of those, more of that traffic into phone calls um and I mean this is just an example if we want to uh you know Jamie Yes, I understand my my website should be built to convert but like let’s look at What what this could look like, let’s say you’re getting 23453 visitors a month, converting 5% of those in the calls leads. uh 30% conversion rate, which you know is probably a little hopefully yours a little higher than that. But you know, for for this example we use 30 is 22 jobs 66 grand um a month from this website. Let’s say You actually got an updated or you made some tweaks to your website um to help it convert better and you were able to bump that to a 15% conversion rate That that takes it to 225, converting it the same, nothing else. All other things being equal, That’s 67 jobs is 200 grand um in revenue. So that’s why this stuff matters. That’s why you know yourself or your marketing company or like what we do is we split test too because we all can guess sometimes what we think will work best does not work best. And that’s the crazy thing about marketing and data is the numbers don’t lie at the end of the day. So that’s why we’ll split test and see what works best, whatever’s working as best that that becomes the new um standard. And then, you know, we split test against that always trying to beat it and tweak it as the name of the game. So definitely take a look at your website, make sure it’s built to convert. Um and I just had you guys already have the workbook already put it into the chat so you should be good there and a lot of what optimization um comes down to just you gotta think like the way whenever you’re, you’re doing your content plan, like the messaging might need to be a little different on your website versus you know, with paid paper click for example that that we’re going after more higher high buyer intent on the funnel. Um and so the messaging is more going to be an emergency based right? And in free estimates in 333 7 and on site 60 minutes or less, right? Like I know everybody on here seen that. Um so just thinking about where you are, where the traffic you’re going after is in this little funnel cause like pay per click would be closer to down here, right on the darker gray because people are going to google because they have a need that needs to be solved. Their facebook ads for example are gonna be up here um in the funnel because that’s your, you’re doing pattern interrupt with facebook ads. People are just sitting there scrolling on the phone right? And they’re like, oh wait, what’s this uh, crawl space encapsulation. Um And again, that’s why I like some of these channels you don’t even want to do if you’re strictly uh you know, water fire mold, You gotta be careful on what channel um you’re advertising on, but for brand awareness, facebook ads could be a play right, just giving your brand name out in the market. But I just advise being strategic on what’s your goal before you advertise on each one of these different um mediums. So here’s some things that you can do to enhance, you know, how do we, so you know, the next question is, well Jamie, how do we take that 5% to 15% conversion rate. So here’s a few things you can do is make sure your, and again this is specific to you because I don’t, you know, some people love mold. Some people hate mauled uh, some people like rebuild. Some people hate rebuild again. That’s your company, you know who your ideal client is and if you don’t, it will take some time to figure that out and think about their fears, frustrations, um the problems they’re having and then the possibilities that you can take them to um, you know, it’s, I mean this is just off the cuff, but you know, your, your house is flooded. We can make it like new again or whatever it is. You know, uh low headache. We will deal with the insurance company for you. Don’t worry like nobody, a lot of people have not encountered a flood or fire before. They don’t really know what to do. So a lot of our clients for example, like hey don’t worry about it, we’ll, we’ll, we will handle all the communication with your insurance company if you’d like um it’ll be as pain free as possible as we help you through and navigate this this process. So be real use authentic uh images on your website. If you can um you know, you in front of a truck, you with your crew. Um you guys have seen it right? Like if they can actually put a face with the company, it makes it seem like, oh man, these people look like um you know, a real company uh real. You know, it doesn’t look like stock images. It’s a it’s a whole different look and feel and and we’ve tested it helps conversion rate, right? So I mean like I said, if you’re smaller, you don’t get too fancy with it, but you know, you guys are probably seeing where, you know, you have all the equipment in front of the trucks and then the team in front of the equipment. Uh I mean it gives a whole difference, your website, your first impression, right? Like when you meet somebody in person, like whether we like it or not, you know, stereotyping and first impressions is real and people are like, oh man, like this person looks like they have their stuff together and they’re, you know, they’re gonna take care of me, right? If you show up with a um a collar, shirt with a logo on it, of the company, it’s gonna be different if your text shows up in a hoodie and a beanie and uh you know saggy pants for example. I don’t know I mean that might be a bad example but um yeah I mean it’s just a different impression like one has their shirt tucked in, it’s a collar shirt with their logo or one that just has a hoodie um you know with paint all over their hoodie from the last job um And they don’t have rap trucks for example, it’s a whole different look and feel. Um So just keep that in mind as and again like this isn’t a branding uh webinar but as you think about your branding, your reputation, all that those are some things to think about as you build out your brand and as you start doing more and more online marketing and offline marketing video can be very helpful as far as engaging people. Video testimonials can be super helpful. Online reviews. Again, you want to get a lot of reviews first of all and then make sure you showcase those reviews on the different platforms that your marketing on, make sure you have the phone number highly visible. Um click the call, making sure that on a mobile that they can easily tap the button and make the call, that’s one of the most important things. Um And then any like credibility and authority or awards you’ve gotten such as Angie’s list. Home Advisor thumbtack BBB ratings II CRC Certified maybe remember of the R. I. A. Like all that you can put on there to add a little credibility and social proof um and then make sure there’s calls to actions all over the website basically click here to call now for a free estimate right call now. Um Some people like to do form fields so having somewhere for them to do a form field email submit could be super helpful. Um And I mean in this day and age we we always put chat widgets that that turn into smS text messaging on on our client sites and again nobody well I don’t say nobody but younger generations right? Like they don’t they’re more apt to text and make the phone call so to be able to capture that piece of the market um you know being able to engage uh prospects on your websites via chat. You know like I said ours goes chat to text because you know chat I mean text has like a 98% open rate. Everybody gets their text messages right and read their text messages. So that’s why we we we switch it over to uh uh text messaging. But even a live chat widget works as well. So at least getting that in place uh can help you capture and increase your conversion rate special offers coupons like if you there’s there’s a play there if you if you want to get creative um You know everybody loves a good deal. Right? So that, that can help your conversion rate, mobile app, mobile optimized site is a must these days. Um, and one of the things, you know, a lot of companies don’t do the symbol is if, if it’s mobile friendly, you can have the plug ins that as they scroll on there, you know, as you scroll on your phone, there can always be a click to call button showing um that that can be yeah, because then the day, even if it does start out text messaging, you want to turn that text into a phone call so you could qualify and see where you’re at, um, see what type of job it is, etcetera. Um, booking online is something that we’re starting to see like, and again, I know there’s some like it could be a little tricky here because you know, the restoration sometimes you need to talk to them first or get somebody out there. But uh, you know, for some of the mold removal, you know, some of the booking online, like it can work. Um, so just something to think about and again, it depends on the services. You do make sure your uh, your load speed is fast because that, that actually affects your rankings too because google like it sees everything right. I mean, um, it knows how fast your website is and, and from a conversion standpoint if you have to go to your site, nobody’s waiting 10 seconds for that thing to load, it better be like 12 boom showing up um because you have to engage the prospects quickly and then you know already touched on this, but um leveraging automation and automated, you know automation is to automatically follow up with people. Uh it’s basically like you can have a sale, you know 40 $50,1003 a year sales assistant, you can get that for free leveraging automation in a smart way. Now there is going to be a human that has to step in and interact to close the deal. Um but there are automation you can have in place uh to help that. So you know, if you want to do this kind of while maybe you’ve probably been looking at your website as I’ve been talking on this, but you know maybe pull up your website and make a few tweaks um that you think, you know, we I don’t know if you can do all those things at once but maybe make a note of two or three you can implement over the next week or two to increase your um conversion rate and this fall as far as the automation is go, You know, leads basically go cold within 15 minutes. I’ve actually heard five minutes or more, the conversion rate drops drastically and then when it comes to not necessarily mitigation, but when it comes to, you know, mold rebuild, maybe do air duct cleaning um you know, a lot of times, some follow up is required to make to seal a deal. And it blows my mind how many people still don’t follow up with lead. So yeah, that’s the estimate and they’re like, well anybody called ask them if they make a decision or whatever. Now, you know, we just that everybody’s busy, but the companies that are doing the follow up, it’s easy money because like I said, most people don’t do it. And again leveraging in all hitting these people with phone calls, emails, text messaging because some people like to talk on the phone, some people like these emails, I don’t wanna talk to anybody, some people just want to text message. Uh so hitting all your people from those different channels, you can kind of figure out what they like to do and it will help you, you close the deal. Um so and again, I kind of already touched on this, but we have triggers and things set in place for our clients to where I mean we, we we vary it, but you know, 1 to 2 minutes because you want, you want to seem real as well, like if somebody submits something and then like literally one Mississippi boom, they get a text message, they know that a real person didn’t do that. Um so you know, adding some little, you know, making it wait a couple of minutes and then, you know, keeping it in a friendly tone can kind of help conversion rate too because you, you don’t, most people don’t want to talk to a bot either. Um, and then that way and this is pretty sweet too. You can text people follow up and if you set this up wisely you can set it up to where if they don’t respond, Guess what? Hey bob. Hey Debbie, uh this is Jamie with abc restoration just touching base. Do you still need help? Question mark and then sometimes they’ll, they’ll re engage and say, yeah I do, I’m gonna call you in a minute or whatever or sometimes they’ll ghost you right, not saying anything. Well guess what? Don’t worry. We’re about, we’re gonna hit them with another one and again, you can’t be, you know, psycho about this and like him 30 times but you can strategically spaced these out, you know, another one in an hour, another 14 hours later and then maybe one more of the following day being like, hey, not trying to be annoying here, but did you need help with that mold issue or not? You know what I mean? Um, and that alone, we’ve seen it every now and then like, hey, sorry, I was busy, I had to take the kids to daycare. But yeah, I still have an insurance claim filed. I need, I need somebody to help me with it and then boom our clients step in, um, closed the job. So from a number standpoint, What could this help you do? So in this particular instance, let’s say you’re getting 44 leads a month, converting at 55% but you don’t have any of this in place, like you’re just kind of handling things, they come in, um but you know, not doing bad, like let’s just say this could be, you know, some of you guys might be a lot bigger than this, but let’s just say this is coming from your online sources or maybe one of your online sources, um your average minute job, 3200, right, for this example, so that’s 7600 month, uh converting there. Now, let’s say you started leveraging some of these automation and stuff and that took that 333 up to 72%. So with the same number of leads, we were just able to take that 76,200 and 2400. So that’s approximately and an additional 22023 grand a month just by leveraging some of this stuff. Um so it’s super powerful, it is super powerful, so something to think about this year, um is getting some of that in place and again, yeah, it makes every lead you generate way more valuable. Um So yeah, and and if you do, like I said, if you don’t have anything like that in place, you don’t want to talk to us um Yeah, hang on, I’ll tell you a way you can get um you can hop on a call with me if you’d like, we can talk about it. Um But we we have a lot of this already built out as you can see here. I mean there’s a lot of I don’t want to go through every step of it, but it’s, we already have it built out for restoration companies. Um And again some of our guys do carpet and restoration or restoration and rebuild or somewhere like general contractors with restoration division, um You know, anything construction related ish with some sort of focus on restoration is what most of our clients do, but we kinda have it built ready for that. And then depending on your particular services, we tweak it accordingly. Um And and and it works pretty well. And again you can go build this on your own to write if you want, but I just wanted you guys to be aware that this stuff is out there and it helps you convert more of the leads you already getting into jobs. Um So, you know, I have this in here to make sure we’re stopping and pausing and make sure you guys can implement some stuff. I know I’ve covered a lot, but you know, out of everything I’ve covered thus far, maybe make a note of the top three things you think you can do um to convert more of the leads, you’re already getting into into jobs. You know, you can do this on the notepad, you can do this in your workbook, wherever you see um whatever you think would work would work best there. So I know we’re running up on ours. I want to try to we don’t have too much longer to hang in here. So we want to know and track the KPI s. So everything we’ve talked about like, you know, you gotta know your number of leads what your average ticket is and then um you know, where in a in a dashboard to track to track this stuff, right? And there’s a saying, you know, what gets, what gets measured, gets done. And there’s also another way of saying is what gets measured, gets managed. Um so basically you have to measure it so you can manage it and improve it. Right? So I would recommend having some sort of dashboard in place. Um and a lot of, you know, some of our clients kinda have this in place already. Some don’t so a software we have here internally has some of this built in like this is just a snapshot for example, um In this particular instance, like there’s 22023 grand of revenue in the pipeline, right? They track this, they move their leads through um and and mark the leads in the closed jobs etc. But just having a way to see uh your pipeline, the pipeline value and the pipeline value by source can be super helpful uh for you to grow and scale your your restoration company. So we’ve kind of talked about, you know, clear goals and targets. You know, we’ve kind of talked about, you know, thinking about your particular market, how you’re going, you know, the message you’re gonna send to the market and then the media meaning the channel you need to use to hit um to get your message in front of that market. Right? And and and throughout the year we’ll kind of do more of a deep dive on some of those particular channels and media, you know, whether it be S eo local service ads, pay per click. Um, but just get them going uh in the meantime, but make sure you know what you’re doing at the same time because they will take your money. Um, if you if you don’t have guardrails in place to do it, right? And then, you know, we’ve talked about making sure your website is built to convert and some, you know, some quick things that you guys can do there to increase your conversion rate. And then, you know, I I showed you guys just a simple dashboard that you can try to um I mean at the end you wanna you wanna have call tracking in place or in the beginning and that way you can see your average cost per call generated, right? How many leads you get, what your average cost per lead. I mean, that’s a good starting point before you start getting fancy with it and start seeing all this in a, in a dashboard. So let’s talk about some, some trends we’re kind of seeing and, and again these, a lot of these trends didn’t start yesterday, but we’re seeing that they’re picking up more and more traction. Um, you know, local service ads is man, it’s crushing it right now. A lot of people that are in the live chat, sms, messaging, conversion game, we’re doing super well and having an all in approach. Um, I think that that strategy in my opinion, I mean is always worked and we’re seeing it work even better now and again, especially in the industry were in restoration. Again, there’s ebbs and flows, right? So that’s why having an all in perspective online and all in perspective offline typically works best and helps get the lead consistency that we all want. Now, most of you are probably familiar with google, local services or local service sides um, at this point, but if not just in case it’s the three horizontal adds the very tip top, this is google’s paper call platform. Uh, you maybe have heard it called google guaranteed because if you go through the process, you can get the green check mark. Um and what that means is google guarantees up to $22345 that you’ll do a good job for the client that comes through this channel. I mean it’s pretty sweet. Um, And and see yeah that’s what you have to go through you know, background check, licensing check um And all it can be, it can be a pain to be honest. Um Sometimes it can be smooth sailing, sometimes we’ve seen it be a little bit a little difficult but you know that’s something uh you know reach out to us if you need help getting that in place because sometimes it can be difficult but you could do it on your own if if you’d like. Um And google does put their own tracking numbers in front of numbers when they call but we we put a call tracking number on top of that for our clients because again we want to know where all the business is coming from. Um But it’s it’s it is the local service as is great um So how does this like impact the search results? As you can see local service ads are at the very top and then google ads, pay per click is below that and then um google well now google business profile technically formally google my business um is below that and then below that you have Organic right? So you have local service ads google ads, google maps Organic. Uh And remember this is where it’s the interesting thing these reviews that google my business, so this profile is connected to this profile. So that is why with our clients in particular we help a lot with review acquisition because this this helps you perform better in this area and in the mat pack your your number of lead volume goes way up, your conversion rate, uh number of calls you get versus competitors way up. Uh So that is why I would Do not forget about that and I would put a lot of emphasis on that in 233. Um Now I touched on some of this, but you have to do a background check, you have to uh provide them with the C. O. I. Your certificate of insurance um because they want they’re gonna back you and google guarantee you, they just want to make sure that you’re legit and do a good work basically. Um But You know a lot of these, I mean a lot of our clients I’ve seen Google has been playing with this a little bit more, I’m seeing anywhere from like 2100 to like 103, per lead. Um But anything in that range, like I said if you’ve been doing this long enough like and you can get pay any of those prices for an exclusive water damage lead, like you want to do it all day every day and you wanna let google know send me as many as you got uh because again the R. O. I. Is one of the best out there right now. Um So the feedback yeah it’s a lower cost per lead than pay per click, way higher quality than Home Advisor Angie’s and all that because these are exclusive, not shared leads. Um Still some price shoppers every now and then. But that’s mainly you know mold there’s a whole lot more price shopping going on than water damage. Um But our oi wise like man it’s like I said it’s one of the best when it comes to pay traffic it is the best uh and it’s just it’s crushing for a lot of our our clients right now so definitely get this in place and get it going going. Um This link here if you want to start getting it set up on your own you can do this if you don’t want to deal with it. We actually have a direct rep with local service ads because we’re agency and we can kind of like, you know jump through some when things get stuck we we have the ability to expedite things and get things done a little faster. Um So like I said, I’ll show you how you can talk with this if you’d like here at the end. But um but yeah get it, get it going in one way or another, please get it going cause it’ll it will help you grow and scale if you can start getting the calls to come through that source. Um So you know I’ve covered some of these at a 210,230 ft view so I would make a note or at least you know maybe you could do it by month or you know the next to two weeks I want to get pay per click in place the next two after that and get some S. E. O. Going um You know I want to set up a rewards program to uh existing clients. This could also mean I want to work with some program work or T. P. A. S. You know there’s a love hate out there in the industry with those. I mean you know we got a lot of guys making millions problems. It’s just each zone and now that it comes with this headaches I get that but again it just depends on what the size of your business your your team who’s on your team help you manage some of this. Um But all of these can work to generate leads. Um And I already showed you guys you know some text messages and stuff. Uh You know this this is our um this is our our website you know with video testimonials. And again I just show you this because every now and then you know I come across there like man I tried paper click, it doesn’t work uh you know S. T. O. Doesn’t work I tried this or that or this is construction uh you know everybody calls our insurance agent they don’t call, they don’t go to the internet when their house floods. You know I just show this um I can promise you there’s our clients love it when people say that because it’s less competition for them and they just rake up and dominate. But again, it’s your decision. I would advise. This is just me saying like this stuff works, I promise you isn’t perfect. Absolutely not. Uh is every market different company different? Absolutely. That’s why at the beginning of this you need to have, you need to know your market, your ideal client, the traffic you’re going after um etcetera. So I can promise you this stuff works. You just gotta stick with it and tweak it as you go. Um So again zooming out, you know, if you hang with a few more minutes, I’m almost done here. Um you know, make sure websites built to uh convert, make sure you have somebody, someone doing S. C. O. On that website. Uh website doesn’t do very, very much good if nobody’s going to it right. Once you have a good website you have to have traffic to it. S. C. S. C. O. Is one great way to get traffic coming. Your website, google maps optimization, the map pack ranking extremely important. Um You know, I’d save well, local services coming in strong but typically still most of the calls. Uh once you get mapping you get ranked in the map pack, that’s still still a majority still coming through the maps rankings. Then local service ads then organic and then pay per click kind of behind it. Um, but this is google business profile technically, but google maps, google business profile, google my business all the same thing. Online reviews reputation. It’s, and the beautiful thing about this is our clients that started getting this into place years ago and we started helping them. This is where it gets fun. And again, I don’t want to discourage you if you haven’t because you can, you can, you can ramp up and catch them. But this is some of our clients have three, y’all probably sent 2000, 400 reviews and then guess what? The competition has? 4, 12, 33. Who do you think they don’t get that phone call? And if they keep the pedal to the metal like they are, there’s other companies aren’t catching them at least in that market. The guy’s got 400 and he’s still going, he’s going crazy and he’s got his team on board. Um, and he’s got a review acquisition placing strategy. He’s going from 400 to 303 while his competition who’s sitting at 33, he’s going from 33 to 43. Does that make sense? Like that? That alone what I just told you all is like that. I mean that’s how guys are truly dominating market and then you start looking at like, hey, let’s expand and open up another office in a different city or a different state and again, that’s not what this call’s about. But that, that’s where you can go with this once you truly start taking majority of market share from an online perspective, at least in the restoration world. Uh, man, it’s, it’s been fun to watch some, it work honestly. Um, so I would put a lot of emphasis on that. If I had to pick one, honestly, that would be it. Um, and then, you know, strategic pay per click campaign works all day every day. Uh, if if you tried to pass and it didn’t work, they just didn’t know what they’re doing point blank. Um, and then, you know, social presence and email marketing can have its play depending your goals, right. Uh, from the social present stuff. That’s more of a brand building, referral, brand awareness, type, play, email marketing can work. Um, if you do other services and you add and you, and the email copy is structured appropriately for what you’re going after. Obviously again, you’re not gonna email somebody mail, hey, is your house on fire? We can help Because I can promise you when their house burned down there, not just the, you know, slowly checking their 400 emails they get a day. Um, and then, you know, track everything have called tracking in places a minimum. So that way you can start seeing the number of leads you’re getting and then you can see what your cost per lead is and then you can get fancy with it um as you as you go. So Yeah build your custom plan, I’ve already given you guys the workbooks spend some more time after this call um flushing some of this out and then get with your team to be like hey this is what we need to implement um in 2023 uh to grow in scale. So if you wanna take a minute we can pause, I can get a sip of water but make you know again you might not, you can’t implement all of these in tomorrow. Right? So maybe pick three things that you think Based on your current situation, three things that can help you grow in scale in 2023 um that you’re not doing that you can currently um or that you’re currently not doing that you get in place and I would think about speed of implementation to write a lot of the biggest imbalance out there, they’re they’re quick to implement, they see a problem, they fix it um or they get going, they don’t wait a year to like I said our clients that we started helping years ago with this review acquisition strategy, they’re the biggest ambassador the markets because they have 2345 times me reviews is everybody else. Now if there’s some of those guys in your market and you’re sitting at 33 reviews whatever, like don’t get too discouraged. There’s other ways. Um Well I don’t know if you can catch them, but but you want to get reviews going because they’re not gonna show up, there’s hundreds and hundreds of keyword combinations, right? So maybe they’re showing up in the map pack for these keywords, but maybe if you strategically go after the 100 of keywords that they’re not ranking for, and then maybe the only the guys in there only have, you know, 33 10 and six reviews, so maybe you’re the top dog there, and again, that’s just being strategic and smart about your whole plan of action and and how you’re going to go about all this. Um So kind of what we covered, you know, we got some goals and targets for the year, you can spend more time to get more clarity around that after this we’re gonna have KPI s and and track all this, so we can kind of see are we on track off track and then we, you know, we’re gonna think about the different budget channels that we’re gonna use to get there. Uh I kinda covered some some trends on what’s working good now, and then hopefully, you know, this will kind of help you get um I know a lot of this is high level 30,000 ft view, but, you know, now that you kind of know what’s working now and things you can implement, you know, hopefully this will help you end up in a better position uh this year than you were in last year. Now. If, you know, if you do want to hop on a call with me and just, you know, every now and then people like, look, I’m busy. You’ve been doing this for years. Uh, I don’t have time to figure all this out or current marketing company, You know, we’ve been within a couple of years, like when, you know, they suck. Uh, you know, whatever. I’ve heard it all at this point so you can, um, and I’m actually taking these calls for the next couple of weeks. So if you want to hop on a call with me, we can talk about your certain situation and, you know, talk about us possibly helping, um, you out. Uh, you know, a lot of people do that. Like you already got all this figured out, you’ve been working on restoration companies for years, run with it. That would be an option. Um, if not like you said, if you got, if you’re doing this in the house and you know what, you’re doing more power to you, right? Like, um, we just want everybody to get these strategies in place. Um, so this is our, our number and actually, hang on, I’ll, uh, I’ll put a link in the chat to that might be easier than you guys and you can book a day and time. That would, this would actually be best than just calling her office. Um, I’m typically in and out a lot of meetings and whatnot, but um, so if you’d like to hop on a call with me and talk about your particular situation, um, you can do that. We’ll do, we’ll do free free consultation for you, help you out. I’ll give you my two cents. I mean, uh, you know, yeah, just hopefully you guys got some values. I’ll, um, that’s pretty much all I have for you. So hopefully, um, yeah, hopefully you got some good value from this.

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