Where Your High-Quality Water Damage Restoration Calls Are Going

Getting an ROI is a top priority for all of our partners, as well as our team here at RMG. The main road bump we have seen in the water damage restoration industry has by far been the quality of calls.

As we stay on top of industry marketing trends, we help our partners take advantage of them as soon as possible to get the high quality leads that convert to jobs.

Are you aware of the #1 Place on Google to be investing for the success of your business?

Topics Discussed:

  • The #1 no-brainer for most Restoration Company Owners
  • How you can jump on board (if you have not already)
  • What it takes to rank in the top 3 results
  • How you can take advantage of high quality leads at low CPL and maximize your ROI to truly WIN

Audio Transcript

Hey guys, thanks for tuning into this episode of the Restoration success show in this episode. This is from a live training I recently did regarding google, local service sides, ak google guaranteed and what you can do to consistently show up in the top three. So you’re getting as many leads as as possible through that source. And, and as we all know, if we’ve, if we’re already doing it is like it is a great lead source for a restoration company. So highly highly recommend you set it up if you haven’t already and if you need more details about that and how it works, keep listening because I’m about to get into that, enjoy the episode. Alright, everybody, thank you for showing up today. We’re gonna talk about the number one place to show up for high converting leads. But you’re, if you’re a water fire mold mitigation company, that’s uh, you know, high converting quality leads is typically, uh, how much of you guys are looking to get to grow and scale your company. So let’s, let’s jump right into it. So, you know, if you guys have followed along, um, we haven’t done one every month this year, but typically, you know, towards the beginning of year, I kind of do a high 30,000 ft view webinar kind of talking about all or not all but the, the means and methods we’ve found to help restoration companies grow uh, you know quickly and most cost effectively via different online marketing channels. And then throughout the year we kind of take a bunch of pieces from this graphic as you can see and then we kind of dissect them a little further as we go. So we’re gonna take one of these pieces today and kind of do a deep dive More into it to kind of see how you guys can leverage it more and more uh to grow your companies and to set yourself up for success uh in 2023 it’s man, it’s already november, it’ll be here before you know it. Um so you know, if you took the time to hop on here with me or even if you’re watching the recording, you know, just focus in um I want you got to get value from this and be able to implement it in your business. Um so just so just hang tight with me here so we’re gonna go over, you know, one of the number one ways we’re seeing to get uh, you know, qualified, highly cost effective exclusive leads where it’s active, how it works, how you can um uh you know, get set up for your company and basically how to do it the right way. Um some of you, you know, this isn’t about me, this is about you guys, but just so you know, you know, I have a construction background and working strictly restoration companies for years now. Um everything we talked about is tried and true. We’re not just crossing our fingers and hoping it works like we do this all day every day, frustration companies and before we present it to the to you guys, the public, we want to make sure that there’s value to it and it can actually work. So um and you know, this is just some reviews from some of the clients that we’ve tested some of these strategies with, so let’s, let’s kind of get into the nitty gritty of this and get into what I’m talking about here. So some of you might be familiar with this, um a lot of people still aren’t, or even if they are doing this, they’re trying to figure out how they can leverage it better and show up, right? So the three horizontal adds the very, very top is what we’re talking about, right? And this is local service adds some of you, some people call it uh google local service, as some people call it, google guaranteed, there’s, you know, I’ve heard 8, 10 different versions of it now, but google local service ads, basically what we’re talking about and this is google’s paper lead platform, right? So we have, we typically focus on the four main channels on the first page of google, right? We got, and I think I’m getting a little ahead of myself, so we got this, the local service at um at the top and again, I’m showing this because google guarantee, you can have local services without being google guaranteed. Um so that those are, it’s all the same platform, but to get the green check mark, I’m sure all you guys have seen, and that is where Google offers the customer a $2,000 money back guarantee on your behalf. And in order to get that check mark, which we’ll talk more about as we go, you gotta go through a qualification process because Google wants to make sure you’re legit, you do good work um before they’re gonna put that that guaranteed badge on there for you. So, you know, everybody’s always asking me, you know, does this work? I’ve tried it in the past. It didn’t work. Like, I mean, I can promise you all these strategies work. We got, I mean hundreds and hundreds of calls a month from These strategies. And so that’s why I’m doing this webinar to help show you guys were just talking about one source today, right? Um, and again, just to show you guys this is um, a snapshot from, you know, one of our our partners 47 leads and this is a 30 day window. So, You know, most companies have, you know, 40, I mean that’s not like that much, but 47 exclusive water damage leads in a month. Um, would help a lot of you guys get from, you know, the half millions of the million mark or if you’re trying, you’re at one million trying to get to or even we have guys that come to us doing 10 year. They haven’t quite figured out the internet thing. And yeah, I mean if you can help us get an extra million or two from leveraging these strategies, you talk about that be awesome. Right? That’s 47 jobs in a month. Like it works. And then these are super cost effective leads and that’s what, And as most of you watching this, you’ve probably heard 33 miles services and honestly a lot of our guys use them because they realize if you’re trying to get to the multiple multiple seven figure mark. Uh, it’s, it’s the 3% out there gets to the 10 million. I mean, plus you have to have multiple li tunes in restoration. We all know that because the ends and flow of leeds is real. So help to help supplement that. That’s why we need multiple lead channels going. And what I’m talking about today is one of the most cost effective ways when it comes to paid traffic we’ve seen in a long time. Right? So I’m just showing you guys this this is, um, if you’re not, and again, not every market or not every company um, will get this many, uh, leads just from this. Right? Just to be transparent. Right? Depends on the budget, depending on the VCR like how big your service area. Um, there’s a lot of factors, but you know, this is kind of what it looks like. If you were to click into the, you know, to click into the ad, it’ll go into a separate search engine portal and then from there, you can’t go to your website from here, right? You can either message or you can call or the customer can message or call you or share the profile. Um, as you can see here on the screen, but in our world like there’s not a whole lot of sharing going on right there. You know, the jobs we want or the toilet overflows, the house burn it. You know, there’s a fire damaged. A lot of it is emergency based. You know, that’s why typically we want the, the text message of the phone call saying, hey, I need help, let’s talk. Right. Um, so a lot of times, but google has this set up to where it’s, uh, they’re, they’re pushing for the phone call right there. Pay per lead platform. Um, and again, So why does this matter? You know, I think these days, I typically don’t have to convince restoration companies that they can get jobs from the internet. A couple of years ago. I was having a little more, you know, there’s a, we’re old school right in the, in the construction restoration were a little slower to adapt to technology in the, in the trend. But you know, that’s, that’s our job. That’s why we held stay on top of that stuff for you guys. You don’t have to worry about it. I mean that’s why our company exists. So you just, You pass the keys over to us. We run with it, right? We’ll get your phone so you don’t have to stay on top of the trends and where the market is moving and what’s changing and uh, you know how the Alexa voice and I mean it’s tough for us to Google’s costly updating the game. But people go to Google as you can see 87% um, are going to google before they make the call. And here’s the thing too, Like I work, um, I know a bunch of people in the insurance agency and I, another topic I’m involved. I help the insurance company as well. And here’s the thing like that. We tell them they know Jamie’s and restoration any claims, you, you call Jamie and, and he, because he always passes along his customers that yes, that happens. And yes, I think you guys should definitely network with plumbers and agents and property managers, but we still see majority of the volume that our clients get and business they get is from online sources. Right? So, and I think So. And again, this is research to back that up. And again, every market is different if you’ve been around for 40 years and you have 40 years worth of relationships then, um, like some of our guys do, I mean, yeah, they get, you know, five million years strictly from referrals alone, right? They’ve also been around for 40 years. Um, but people are going to Google and they’re calling for restoration companies. Right? It’s, it’s happening. And this is at this point basically in all markets across the country. Um, if you just do a quick google search in your market, you’ll be able to see whether it’s active or not and play around with a couple of different keyword combinations because it doesn’t always get triggered. But you know, google started out in san Francisco and the Miami’s as they kind of always use those markets to test new products. Um, but I’ve, I’ve basically seen it in every market across the country at this point. Um, now this is what I was starting to discuss earlier, is how does this impact? This is called the search right? For sure. The search engine results page, as you can see at the top we have, I don’t know if I can a little here. Um, that’s a long way. Um, but you guys can see this at the very top, like I said, three horizontal um, ad I mean like I said, I got home service and here again, there’s 8 to 10 different names. I’ve heard this. Uh, they’re they’re the horizontal ads across the top. We got below it. We have the regular google. Ad works below that. We have to do business profile maps rankings and then we have organic rankings below. Um, and you know, a lot of people are like, you know, which one of these should, I mean we we advise our clients to do all of them. I mean, I mean you’re trying to dominate the market. Are you trying to grow? Um, and get as many leads as possible and help you get to the next level like phone calls come through all these sources all day every day. Um Now the strategies and the timelines for all of these are different. Um, but, and that’s why today we’re just gonna talk about the very top one here, the home service at the three horizontal. So how does it, how does it work? You do have to submit an application. Uh and you do have to do a background check, license check, insurance check and, and google makes you go through all this. Again, they’re gonna back you and give you that google guarantee. Then they just want to make sure that you’re legit gonna treat the custom contract. And then once approved it’s again, it’s paper lead. Now, what we’ve seen is the, these costs, I’ve seen swings lately anywhere from $40. And then we’ve got some of our larger clients and larger markets, you know, they’re paying 100 and 50 a call. Now here’s the thing, these are for exclusive phone calls and in, in that market for this particular client, he’s in a larger market, he’s paying 100 and 50 on average, trying to do some water. And here’s the thing though, He’s paying 33 miles, 404 50 for that same call. So for 25% of the cost. He’s getting these calls and and and he’s even paying 33 miles per believe because you know, we all know like these are, you can make a lot of money like yes, 450 calls. Sounds like a lot, but we got clients getting six figure jobs. Like I mean you guys know that you’ve been in this business, been doing work like six figure jobs. Not that uncommon, right? So would you pay $450? And yes, normally the six figure jobs include the recon the bill back. Um But you know, would you pay for $5,450,000 job? Like I think I think you would, that’s why again, we’re so bullish on this strategy. Um and this is why all of our clients with this, they open their budget, their budget like they don’t have a budget because again, you put in a dollar, you get 10 back. Like I don’t understand like they they get, we show them uh you don’t that’s not there’s not a budget at that point, you’re investing in your company, your company. Um Now there’s a few tweaks that you have to do along the way to do this. Um And again, this is set to a a weekly budget amount. Uh Typically that’s why with google ads, you typically do it on a monthly basis. So there’s a little bit of a difference there. And this is where like we can come into because you can’t just set this and then like turn it off and go like there’s there are only so many things you can do in this versus google ads, but you have to get creative with how you work this to maximize you being in the top three spots and then once you get there, you want to stay there. Because that’s just like with S. C. O. Just like with pay per click and all that and google maps rankings, the top three is where the magic happens. That’s where the clicks and calls and leaves really start picking up. Because when you get there now you can also dispute these calls that come through, right? So if if somebody calls through and there, you know, it’s a it’s a renter. You know, they got mold in their apartments, they’re just, you know, they’re getting sick and they want to whatever, right? I’ve heard, I’ve heard it all at this point, but you know, and if you’ve been doing restoration for any point, you know what I’m talking about, right? This junk cold calls to come through. Well for this, you can flag it and dispute it for your local service add dashboard and not have to pay for it. So again, that’s why this platform is so great. You’re only playing for paying for qualified leads, um now they don’t necessarily have to turn into a job like, but if it’s a good lead, most of you, you know, you know, everybody closing, closing the jobs is not one of, you know, there’s things you can do to improve your closing rate, but us being in an urgent emergency based industry, um, we don’t have quite the biggest problem with closing is as you might with, you know, remodeling or, you know, lawyers or, you know, where there’s more follow up. So some of the feedback we’ve seen from some of our guys is, I mean, yeah, it’s absolutely a lower cost per lead than PPC, definitely higher quality leads and Home Advisor thumbtack angie’s because most of those are shared leads. That meaning they go to you sir. Procure Clean Restoration one, you know, abc restoration. There’s some, they’re reselling these leads to five people at once. Uh, and that’s why, you know, you guys are calling them back and nobody’s answering cause they just got five calls in a row or you’re showing up to the job and there’s five other trucks, they’re getting estimate uh, in addition to you with these calls and actually all the platforms we do for our clients that they’re all exclusive. So when the call comes to you, you’re the only one getting that call now will sometimes be like, hey, I appreciate that. I’ve actually got two other companies coming. Yes, that’s, that’s just business that’s life. We ought to deal with that. But the phone call itself is still just coming straight to you. Um Yeah, and price shoppers, I mean, again, following up quickly. Um and I think last month’s webinar was based on that, like, you know, we actually have a software that can automatically follow up with people within seconds if you want. But again, a lot of, y’all have, you know, there’s a million Softwares out there. You guys can leave that on your own. Just go back and watch last month’s webinar. Um But it’s, it’s, it’s business is a whole, right? You want to speed the lead, helps convert. Um And and again, just even with these calls, even though they’re exclusive, you want to answer the phone. Um and if you don’t, which, you know, again, everybody tells me they, we don’t ever miss a call, but I can promise you, once you start getting to 300 calls in a month, like Uh some will get dropped and and that’s why we have triggers and stuff to set up to help our God, because here’s the thing, like even if you have full, even if it rotates between five people, again, if you’re generating 300 leads a month, like people will be busy in crawl spaces, even if you have 24 7 answering services, we’ve seen like their phone lines will get busy, people get put on hold and then those people hang up, right? And that’s why it’s important to have a lead follow up, self process in place for those type of scenarios. Um because you can pick up more work, but again, I’m kind of getting assad right here. I just I get passionate about this stuff because I can I can I have seen how much having these systems in place can help turn more leads into jobs. Um but again, back to what we’re talking about here. Local folks as these are um quality leads a great bang for the book, definitely recommend you get it in place if you don’t um and you know, I’ve covered most of these these benefits here, but yeah, higher quality, lower cost per lead than paper flick. Um And you only pay when you get the phone call. So I mean what more can you ask for really is how I look at it, but you know, so how do you um so how do you get set up if you’re, you know, if you’re working with us, you probably already have this set up, it’s not just you just text on our partner number and uh we can help you get get set up in no time, but here’s a link to if you want to try and navigate this on your own. Um you know adwords dot google dot com slash local services slash sign up, right for anybody listening to this. Uh you can kind of go there and work your way through as well and then you’re gonna have to go through the whole process, uh, with the background check, license check and, and all that stuff, you can kind of get this implement now, how does the ranking Right? Because this is a, this is another thing that, that we help. I’m doing it or not. You know, I’m buried. I mean it’s just like, you know, once you’re on page two, like nobody goes to page two, we’ll just like this, your position 35. Like unfortunately it was a good, good chance you’re not ever going to get a call, right? So what can you do to improve your rankings and get pushed up just like google maps and google as a whole, like where your customer prospects is matters, uh, you know, radius wise, proximity works right? Like google as a whole, wants to serve up the best company they they think or you know, based on reviews and whether the answer calls like whoever has the best reputation, uh, rankings, etcetera, they want to put that company in front of the prospects and proximity is a big factor that they don’t want to show. They’re not gonna show your ad To a customer. If you’re 45 minutes away from the customer, right? That’s why the number of leads and jobs you can get from these online sources, um, is impacted by where, you know, the demographics of the area where you’re located, uh, etc, right? So that’s something to keep in mind your review score, number of reviews is a huge factor. Um, and I think last month webinar, you know, podcast was based on that if you want to go back and listen to it is that that is where big time the trend is going, where you guys need to keep her focused because Google sees this across all your online entities, right? And the and the biggest and the baddest is typically holding the top spot in each market. Now, if you’re smaller, don’t get discouraged. You can still get, if you have a good strategy and all that, you can still outrank them. But you just got to kind of look at this from a holistic approach to see what your angle is gonna be. Um, and your response in this to the customer and group inquiries, right? Like, and I like that they do this honestly, because it’s because even if we’re like, because this happens to like, if we’re getting your phone to ring like Sydney, you leave generating leads, like you got to answer the call to get the job, right? So Google is watching this to to make sure we’re showing your ad and people are calling, like, we want to make sure that you’re answering the phone or responding to the inquiry and and just helping the people out, right at the end of the day, we’re trying to help these people out of these situations, um, and connect them with body contractors, right? So you like you so you guys can get them, you know, help them with their issue and get them, you know, back to to normal life, right? Your business hours um are affected to like, you know, most of you guys are probably 24/7. Um some of you might, you know, if you focus more on the mold or put back remodel stuff, you might be, you know have set business hours but you can set that in here too, right? So you don’t have to show your eyes if you don’t want to call. Um And I don’t know if I have this in here, but you can pause your ads to if you get too busy, you can pause your ads and then turn them back on when things when things slow down. Um and they’re gonna be watching for complaints or anything to just because yeah, we’re not taking care of the customers. Um but Google does try to spread out the leads every time because you know, they got 20 people trying to pay them, you know 10,000 a month. Like Google is a for profit company, right? Uh so they’re gonna try to uh spread the leads around best they can so they can make as much money as they can whether we like how they play the game to an extent. So alright let’s uh so that’s kind of a higher level interview. So let’s kind of do a little bit deeper dive and uh see how you guys, you can win with this and show up more consistently in the top three um to make sure your profile completely fill it out with your service area, your budget, your pictures as calls come through, work the leads, if you book the job market booked, uh call the bad call, dispute it. Um And there’s a reviewing for this platform separate from the google business profile were linked. Now, do those connect? Yes, they do. Um And and that’s kind of stuff we, you know all this technical stuff that you know, that’s kind of what we help our clients do. Um Your your local service ads is connected to your google business profile. Just like google business profile. Our reviews are extremely important, extremely important important to this uh as well so and you kind of like, you know, for everybody on here that likes you know, numbers and and targets to shoot for, you know you want to shoot for 85% booking rates in the reporting. So like lead to book um it’s kind of a ratio you want to shoot it, it’s not gonna be perfect, it’s gonna it’s gonna be okay with that. But that’s just a target you guys can can kinda shoot for. So let’s break this down. So on the profile piece here’s some things you can do um just to make sure you know, your budget Um again, already touched on this, I would open it up even if you’re on the smaller and then you’re, you know, you might not have a huge marketing budget. Like there’s one source I was gonna open up big time. It would be this one because again, you’re paying, you guys are paying home adviser angie’s uh, you know for you know whatever called 1 25 for shared leads. Like would you not be willing to pay that for exclusive? Mostly you would. So that’s why we always recommend, you know, optimizing and playing with the budget on a weekly basis and then your ad schedule. So you make sure you add schedules set to your business hours and make sure you’re gonna answer the phone. You know, when those calls come through, make sure you know, your business bio, the job types, the service areas, make sure all that’s dialed in, fill it out as best you can add photos you can do before and afters. Um, we really like the personality photos because that can kind of separate you. Um, you know, because a lot of we see a lot of companies making this mistake, even on the websites, you know, you can tell some of these are just stock photos, cookie cutter looks like every other restoration company out there. But the ones with uh, you know, team photos with the logo shirts, the rap trucks, even if you have some of the photos with, you know, your equipment in front of the trucks or your t your cruise in front of the trucks in front of the equipment like that lets people know like, man, this is a legit company. The branding is on point, I feel comfortable calling them to come into my basement and help me figure out this issue. Right? I got water everywhere. Just makes you, it adds to the trust factor, which is big in this day and age, ever since 2020, especially we’ve been watching the data and trust factors is low across the board. Right? So this, the reviews is one way to help about that and adding a little personalization to your website. All your profiles, this profile included can kind of help build the trust factor which ultimately helps boost your conversion rate, right? Which ultimately leads to more phone calls. Um, so there’s some things on the first piece, right on your profile. So the second piece again, there’s a dashboard looks like this as you can see um, in the top right corner you want to market is booked, right? It’s a good lead, popular dashboard and quick market booked google will see that on their back end right there. Like, hey, this person into the phone, they’re marketing job. It’s like, let’s keep following some jobs that their, their way. Um, and you can add the customer details in here if you like the name, phone number, email or phone number should be in their colleague, but you can kind of, um, you know, keep all this will be easier for you to, to stay organized. And then if it doesn’t turn into a job, for whatever reason, you can archive it to kind of keep your dash forward clean. So the last piece disputes. So on that screen and again on the top right hand corner, there’ll be the three little dots, you can click that and uh, and click dispute and click submit, right? Um, to let people know like, hey, I know listen to the call recording to like you’re not trying to play any games with you, but if it’s not a good lead is not a good lead, right? And that and that happens, especially in our industry, it’s, you know, There’s always a few questions. You know, we don’t wanna ask them 25 questions fall. Sometimes people just get frustrated. Hang up and they’re calling your, your competition. I’ve actually seen that happen. But you do have to ask a few questions right to make sure that like it is the mold problem that, you know, the mold is not a quarter sized spot of mold on the shower wall, right? Because that’s a lead. You don’t want to dispute that. Um, or if somebody’s got three water drops on the ceiling, right? We’ve all, we’ve all got those calls, that’s not necessarily a claim that we can, we can help. So any of that that comes through, you can dispute it and you want to pay for it. Um and also anything outside your service area already touched on the services you don’t provide. But if you know anything outside of your service area, which again remember, you can set that just like you can google ads, you can set that pretty specifically or you can say that specifically in their county city however you want to do it, you’re not going to pay anything outside of your service area there. Um And then you have verified reviews like I we we typically tend to push um You know, maybe 80% of reviews to the Google Business Profile because those reviews tie into the local services profile. Now here’s where it’s tricky your local service profile. Review do not push back to the google business profile, which I don’t know why google set up that way. It’s kind of squirrelly but you know, they set the rules, not us, we gotta learn how to play them, right? So uh but google does like seeing you getting some reviews through your local service app profile again because its activity especially they see five star reviews coming through. Um you know, it’s like man, this company, they’re answering the phone and they’re booking jobs, they’re getting five star reviews in google’s mind, this is a reputable restoration company, let’s keep feeding is how they’re looking at it, right? So and in your in your little um, dashboard area, you can get access to the review link to your profile there um, to help you get more of those reviews. So again reviews is a major ranking factor just like it is a google business profiles provide great service, some service. Um, I mean that that should go without saying but you know, some of these jobs are, you know, difficult as we know, but you know, you gotta take care of the customer today and then you know, leverage the dashboard um, and you can put in the, you know, the name email and hit request review, no email the customer on your, on your behalf or not on your on your behalf but through the portal to let you come from L. A. Hey abc restoration is requested to review if you don’t mind helping them out. Um, and then yeah, you know, you want to get as many reviews as you can to your profile like I have on here now, point number five, the 85% booking rates. Um, you know, again, that’s just if you, if you’re marking everything and turn the call qualifying marketing book, you know, good target shoot anywhere that 80 to 90% if you’re doing a lot of mold, you know, roof, you know, depending on the services, you do that. That’s realistic I think for water emergency water mitigation type stuff. Yeah, but there’s mold involved. We all know the conversion rate’s gonna drop a little bit. That’s just the way the way it is. Um But yeah so a couple of highlights open up the budget, expand your service area job types, you know that scheduled business hours. If you want to try to get the following bucks close out every lead market book schedule or archive it and consistently do some verified review blessed on that. Um And if you wanted my I don’t think there’s any perfect science to that if you wanted my input. I would if it was me I try to push 80% of GDP and then maybe you know 20% every now and then get some to the L. S. A. Profile. Just kind of keep things active and uh going um So you know what should you guys do if your partner with us or with us definitely just um and you don’t have this going and yeah just your partner a lot of text. Well we kind of call to discuss this um And if we’re already doing it for you then we’re watching this stuff every couple of days minimum for you already here you’re in good hands but so you go to this link again if you wanna start working through it yourself, do your background checks, you get your licensing and order your insurance and all that. Um We actually put tracking in place for our clients in our software lead cottage which I think last month. Uh well either to two webinars ago, I think I did a webinar on that and learn more about that, but put some sort of tracking in place, so you can kind of see how many leads you’re getting from and how much revenue you’re getting from it. Uh Just because Business Hunter, it’s always a good thing for us to keep an eye on, and then again, make sure you’re using the dashboard to move the leads along and uh yeah, I mean, playing the game with our R. O. Y. Makes sense because unfortunately, uh google will typically, the costs are just gonna rise every time, right? Uh you know, as big and bad as google is uh places still hitting them as well. Right? So they’re they’re gonna drive up the cost every time, because especially when you’re in their shoes because they have the power to do that. Um So that’s kind of all I had today, I mean, it was kind of short, sweet and I wanna be respectful of your time again. So that’s, you know, that’s us extracting out from this diagram. Um you know, and for everybody listening, you know, we kind of talked about paper lead platforms, referral platforms, paid online directories like, yelp, Angie’s we talked targeting, we talked paperclip, we talk we talk GDP um we talked websites from a from a 30,000 ft view. Right? So for this month’s webinar, we just focused on the local service that I would recommend looking into all those avenues again, because the more of the channels you have going helps with the consistency that we’re all looking for in the restoration industry. Um, to where you have constant, uh, mitigation jobs coming in the door help. You know, you want to keep the equipment out of the warehouses and on the job site. Right? And improve busy. So, you know, we’ll cover, um, I plan on doing this, you know, next year as well. So we’ll kind of update these as we go because google is changing these, uh, you know, as we go as well. Um, you know, if you do want up to just like Jamie, I’m, I’m busy. I’m running a company out of time to deal with all this, which happens quite frequently and that’s why we’re here, Give us a call if you’d like. Um, again you wanna do on your own like you can do it for sure. If you don’t want to deal with it too busy, we can help you with um, 843380573 sevens are our office number and just leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. But, but yeah, that’s all I have. I appreciate you showing up. We’ll see you next month for a different webinar. And uh, if you don’t have this in place, I recommend getting it going yesterday because again, uh anywhere from 40 to $125 exclusive water mold fire leads, I’d say that’s that’s not too shabby, so.

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