How to Be the Service Provider of Choice in Your Area

Working within the Water Damage Restoration Industry is competitive with a big reward, am I right?

You may or may not already know that differentiating yourself from your high competitors is the key to get top converting customers, but how?

What if I say there is a way to get your foot in the door INSTEAD of your competitors…

Topics Discussed:

  • Why you can have all of the best tools in the world but still fail at creating a true presence for your company online
  • How to tap into the power of multi-channel communication to increase your online position
  • THE TEAM you need to increase your visibility
  • Why you MUST take action TODAY or RISK being left behind for good…

Audio Transcript

Hey, ladies and gents Jamie Randall here from the restoration success show and restoration marketing group and in this week’s podcast episode, I’m going to drop a training I recently did for restoration companies and I go over why your competitors are getting the calls instead of you and how you can get them to call you. Um, so listen in, it’s not very long. I think you’ll get a lot of good value. And this is one of, I believe one of the most important topics in this day and age as we come to towards Q42022 times are changing the world is changing. So listen today’s episode and you’ll get some good value from it. So enjoy if you’ve been following the webinar series this year at all, if you haven’t, that’s okay. But you know, we, there’s many things that we believe is important when it comes to building your online presence, building your brand and ultimately, you know, what we’re trying to all do is restoration companies or us helping our clients, restoration companies, restoration company in particular. But that is our sole focus and all all we work with, there’s many facets that go into building your brand, getting leads and getting jobs right. All this is the main center in the day. So throughout the months, I think we spent maybe a few months throughout the year, you know, life gets busy, but we, we take different pieces of this graphic and kind of do a deep dive into it to try to, you know, show you guys kind of what’s working now in this particular uh you know sector, right? Whether it be paper lead or S. C. O. Or you know, local services ads or google business profile and you know, on and on with deep doc talk about what’s working now, what you guys can do to implement this in your business to um you know, gain some traction and and help you guys keep growing right? So, you know, I do for you to get the best out of this, like I say, you know, silence your phones, get out of, you know, close down europe’s whatever, shut your office door um because I want you guys to be able to walk away and implement some of these strategies uh as soon as possible to help you um you know, like said increase your brand awareness and help you get more results to grow your company. So just turn off your cell phones, you know, don’t be DM DM and people on the side as we do this, because if you focus, you’ll retain it better, then you’ll be able to implement. Um So we’re gonna go into several things today, but we’re gonna talk about why you can have all the best tools in the world, but you still might be failing to represent your company uh in the way that, you know, maybe you’re a huge company, but from an online perspective, uh it’s not necessarily reflected that way, right? Um and we’re gonna talk about why now is the best time to do this, you know, how the chinese proverb goes right? The best time to plant a tree is 100 years ago. It’s like the best time is now, right? So that’s what we’re going to go into a little bit because we, we started watching this very closely in 2020 and helping our clients with it and uh, those that listen to us and uh that that are doing it or seeing the massive results from it, but it’s not too late. Don’t want to discourage you if you haven’t started any of this. Like just hang in there because it’s, there’s still gonna be an opportunity for you to kind of jump in and try to catch this wave that that we’re seeing. So again, this isn’t about me, this is about me providing value and helping you guys um you know, I recognize some of the names here, you know, good to see you guys back. Um some of you look new. So I want to, you know, just say like I’m not some random person that hasn’t done this before. Like we’ve been helping, I’ve been in construction all my life basically and then your past four or five years specifically helping restoration companies grow. So we’ve been there, done that really is and we’re always learning to like google is changing the game on us by the day. So our job is to on top of that and share with you and kind of what’s working now, what we’re tweaking to, uh, you know, in the day we’re trying to serve our clients so, and provide value to you to write is watching this webinar. Um, try to pass along our findings to the world. Um, and again, to help you grow in scale. And I mean, you know, these are just, you can check us out, we’ve got reviews, testimonies out there, um, that we’re actually not just guessing at this stuff. It’s, it’s pretty good to, to work. So let’s, let’s jump into it, right? So we’re gonna figure out why you’re not getting the calls and your competitors are. Um, and I mean, this might seem simple, but again, this is, we’ve tracked this year every year at this point, specifically this and your online reputation matters. And again, I’m not saying you can neglect this and still grow pretty successful restoration company. Right? So I’m not trying to say that. But as business owners or if you’re in charge of the marketing yourselves, you know, you might be watching this like our job is to maintain if not grow the reputation and the company, right, lead marketing and sales is drives everything else, right? You need that revenue to build your systems to hire people to take care of your clients. Um, you need that money to, for the fulfillment, right? So, and this matters when it comes to marketing themselves is your reputation and it’s kind of like one of those things, once you ruin your reputation, you can’t necessarily get it back, right. We all learned that as kids, like growing up, um, and it just matters. It matters huge. And, and again, the whole point of this is to expedite like there’s a, you know, do you want to try to paddle upstream the river or do you want to turn the boat around and just go with the flow down the river right where you don’t have to paddle, you’re just riding the wave. That’s what this is about to make your job easier to make growing your company easier. And this is one huge piece that we’ve been tracking and implementing for our clients is working like crazy. Um so that’s what we’re going to deep dive into more now. So, but this is where I’m seeing this all the time. The other day that we’re about to bring out a company with us doing about three million a year, wants to go to five. Okay, no problem with diversity. And how we’re going to do that and we look at this google business profile and it’s uh, you know, 4. 1 rating with six reviews and they’re doing three million a year. I’m like, man, I’m like, you have no, no idea how much business you’ve been missing from the Internet over the years by not paying attention to this. And again, like it’s not, he’s still got three million without focusing on this, but he probably would’ve got three million a year to quicker. Um if you would have been. So that that’s what I’m trying to say. You can build a successful company without focusing on this, but in the restoration world, and honestly, we’re seeing this in the home service world. A lot of our clients, um, you know, they end up buying, you know, plumbing companies or pest control companies and then we have with that as well. But um, like the in the home service world of saying, we’re watching that online reputation matters. Um, so let’s, let’s kind of get into this now, what we’ve also seen is, you know, everybody’s trying to get the new tools, but they’re not using the new tools, right? The tools aren’t working the way they should and then this kind of a fail and, you know, and one thing we’ve also noticed your reputation drives down your conversions for all the other lead acquisition channels that you’re doing, even if you’re doing referrals or your BDM throughout their network with plumber’s insurance agents, like probably gonna check you out once you walk out of their office right now, if you’re, you know, if I can’t find you online, like how do I know you’re gonna uh do good work and take care of my insure, like, you know, I mean, I would never, like, I don’t ever refer anything else. I know that whoever I’m referring is gonna take care of that. And where does all this point back to your online presence, your reputation, your reviews. You can kind of get a pretty good pulse on the company itself by reading a few of the reviews. Um, so that brings us to a huge opportunity and you know, you want to be the dominant force in that market and just leave the competition behind. Um, I should have put this slide in here. I didn’t. But you know, you, this is one way, you know, there’s something in business call the economic mode, right? It’s basically your, you know, we’ve already determined U. S. P. Unique selling proposition. But you know, and there’s another praise called economic mode. But it’s basically like a differentiator between you and the competition. And one way to do that is reviews. If you got 400 and I’ll say this and you know what, that’s like 400 something reviews and then think about it. Uh, you know, abc restoration or serve pro pure clean. Like it doesn’t matter right? It could be independent franchise doesn’t matter. But if they have four reviews and then 43 reviews and you have 429 reviews and ranking number one in the backpack or local service that area. Who do you think’s gonna get that call the person with the reviews and and we’re not guessing in this either. We track this and we watch it and it is by far they dominant and you know, people in the same market like, yeah, I’m getting like 33 calls a month from my listening or whatever. Like, oh, Our clients getting, uh, you know, 125 calls from, from theirs because their dominant. So again, growing your business matters, uh, getting the next level matters, then I would, I would put a little bit more emphasis on this. Um, and we do have a tool that we leverage with our clients called lead cottage. And again, you don’t necessarily have to use this to do this. That’s why I’m doing this webinar to like, uh, if that is something you’re interested in, we do have some automation built out our clients that we leverage. But again, any of these tools work, you just have to use the tools to get the reviews. Um, and you want to, you know, like I’ve already touched on this, you want to have your reputation speak for itself online. And this is the first impression, right? You don’t get one how the saying goes. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Well from an online perspective, you only get 11 shot. I mean, you can always improve it. That’s a good thing, right? But you’re gonna lose that particular prospect. If they go online like this, he’s got 3. 7 rating or abc restoration has uh, 4.9. So you’re gonna get that call, so you’d be missing out on massive and we all know like, you know, six figure jobs are like common place all day everything, but we got monster jumps um, from their, their website, google bill’s profile. So you, you could potentially be missing out on millions in revenue from this. And, and again, I’m not like just saying, oh Jamie, like there’s no way like we literally tracked this with our clients and they literally get um some bigger jobs. I mean, not saying sorry. Like, I mean that might come that we hadn’t heard specifically, but um, but the other day from two jobs that came through From his business profile equate over 700,000, right? So that was, you know, a million 72 phone calls, three quarters of a million. So that, that’s why this matters. Like I’m trying to like just convince like this stuff works all day over, you know, all day, all night. Um, so I get a little, I get passionate about this because we, you know, not enough people are putting enough insisting their companies to focus on this. Um, and again, it’s not the end all be all you can grow your company without it. But again, my job is trying to make your job easier and your job is going to company. So, and there’s so many benefits. Like I said, I’ve been, I’ve been talking about all this, but you know, so why does this matter? And again, if you just like, well I don’t want to, you know, I’m not gonna take your word for it. Like if you do the research, you know, people trust online and some people are like, well, you know, you get favor these isn’t that I mean? Yeah, like you can but you can also point, you can sniff those out when you see them. If you have any sort of awareness and like you can figure out and then, and then that person I can talk, you can google is cracking down on that stuff like crazy. They’re filtered out all that garbage more and more. Um but people are used to looking at review. Um and they want to see recent reviews. Yeah, I got to review two years. Man that was coming still business like that’s weird. Like do you want consistent new reviews coming in with a good rating obviously. And then, and this is just what we’re seeing more and more people are doing this and I think to like you know, with everybody using amazon for all the e commerce stuff. Like people are just getting used to, you know, go on amazon. But like how do you differentiate there’s hundreds of different products uh for the same thing, right. If you’re looking for a new a new dog bed or something like there’s gonna be hundreds of them on there. So how are you gonna like compare them? Probably by the reviews. Well, guess what people are doing the same thing in the home service world and in the restoration world. Um So that’s what we’re we’re here to talk about more about today and hopefully um you know, not sound like a broken record saying these are critical but they are. So let’s let’s go on to this and look and again this is just an example to um yeah, this is just, you know, one of our clients, I mean this is, you know, 47 reviews is not bad, right? Like we like to try to push to get, you know, 100 plus as quickly as possible because that’s where we kinda start seeing um especially, well, we got a look at where your markets at, you know, some of you are in markets where people with already a couple 100 a little bit more difficult to catch catch those people. But You know, but if they’ve been in, you know, in business, 2030 years, they only have 200. Like if you put some focus and emphasis on this, you can catch them and pass them. But even with 47 reviews, 33 calls in a month’s time. Like like not bad, right? And I mean that’s not, you know that and here’s the fun part about this that does not include website tap L. S a PPC website. I mean this is just one lead source. So if you went over 100 leads a month, like you know, this is one way to do it. This is one aspect of it, There’s and then if you get the other pizzas in place and and ramped up, that’s how you do it. Now. one key factor to most of you probably know this if you don’t want to say, I just try to help you out. Like your google business profile connects to your local service ads and local service ads is google’s paper lead platform and one of the biggest ranking factors on local service sides is you review rating. So all this is connected, right? Google knows all that. It sees all this. Google wants to serve the best frustration company who they deem in that particular market or proximity to the consumer they want to serve in their mind the best one And when they say best one, that one ranks highest. So an easy way for them to do that. Like, well this company’s got a ton of reviews and a great rating. They must be doing good work, let’s serve up their ad. So they hopefully get the call and can do a quality service for this person, it’s kind of their like 30,000 ft view of how this works so well. And again, we’re testing this, we’re seeing it. This, it just helps all fast. Right. Not only help help you rank better here helps you rank better the map pack and the biggest thing, it helps increase your conversions from that across all of your marketing channels, not just these in particular. Um, So what, just to see everything on one screen, like what I was talking about, like here’s the local home service ads at the top, it’s showing reviews. Here’s the google map pack with, you know, top three with reviews. Um, So step one is, you gotta get into the top three. So if you don’t know how to do that, I recommend, you know, I’ve got some other videos and blogs and content out there on some strategies and ways to help you get there. Like step one is you gotta get ranking and but while you’re working on getting your rankings and getting into the map pack for local services and getting into the map pack for google business profile, I would be focusing heavily on review acquisition in the meantime to help you get there faster and then once you get there, it’s gonna help you convert better If you’ve got 124 reviews and the next guy’s got 33, you’re gonna get that call usually now not saying they’re not gonna get any calls, but that’s not true. But again, the name of the game is that we want the majority of the market share, we want to take market share as much as we can as time goes on. If you’re looking to grow and scale your company. Right? So that’s kind of how all that plays off of each other. So again, just to drive this point home, why are name mission critical? And I just, I just mentioned this. But again, I wanted to highlight this. It affects your local service ads and your um, Google maps rankings, 88% of people are looking at reviews. So if that’s not enough to convince, you I’m not really sure what else will and it it is a huge conversion. Right? So excuse me for a second. So take a minute to like step back and just ask yourself like, you know, why is this important to you? You all have different uh, in, in games in in mind, right? Different annual goals and different growth roles. But You know, I would take a moment to think like, yeah, this could help us uh, go from two million to four million next year or yeah, we haven’t been paying. You know, I mean like just just take a second to make it relatable to you in your particular situation And where you’re trying to take your restoration company. So let’s talk about five key principles to this. Um, now I’m not gonna miss all this or not. It’s probably, yeah, we’re not talking to school principals here. We’re talking principles there. We go for all you spelling the people out there, call me out on that and fix it. Here we go. And this might seem obvious, but this isn’t always the case to be honest based on, you know clients we’ve worked with over the years. And again, taking care of your customer as it always should be in my opinion, in business to step number one. That that’s why I love this whole strategy thing because it’s like you know in in order for this to work you have to provide a world class customer experience which we all should be doing anyway. So if we put emphasis there, not only is it gonna help our customer out, help our company reputation out, it’s gonna help us get more reviews and it all just builds on itself. So again this seems obvious but I know some people are just more focused on you know that massive check they get from the insurance company um and not in that might lead us focus a little bit on taking care of the customer. So again this is just kind of reiterate this, I’ll reiterate this to your team, your text, your subs if you sub certain things out like you want to take care of the people um and and your customers and and then it kind of, you know it all go itself right? That’s the obvious. But this needs to be reinstated. So I reinstate this to your team and your employees as well and your text just to like make sure you’re doing good work, right? And then I would build this into your company culture. So how you know, what could this look like? I’ve seen this done many ways. One way it could be just to make it part of the job description like you know for your, for your text and your project managers, mitigation managers, however you have that structured um hey, you know, whenever you complete a job you have to ask for a review. Some people do it face to face and honestly based on what we’ve seen that still works best and convert to those. Obviously whenever you finish on the job you can just hand, you know, you can pull out your phone, have them pull out their phone. Actually they didn’t pull out their phone to be logged into google and the google business reviews but hey, you know, um so and so if you’re happy with your, you know, the service we’ve provided, you know, part part of my job is I’m required to ask for you know, review. So if you felt like this has been a five star experience, I’d appreciate you leaving a review. It really helped me out. Um So that would be one approach and angle Some people, you know, and again, I mean look at the rules and regulations in the state around this or their municipality, like different weird things about that. But you could like, you know, hey, so and so like we’re actually offering $25 gift cards For five star reviews. That’s one approach I’ve seen taken in work or you can do 25 dollars gift card to so and so and a $25 gift card to your tech for getting the five star again. How important are these reviews to? I’ve seen, I’ve seen it $50 a pop, I’ve seen it $75 a pop. I haven’t seen above that yet. But some people know like man pay my tech 50 an extra 50 bucks, very five star view. But that’s also how they have like 360 reviews and the competition has uh 61 here’s the thing, the competition is never going to catch them because they’ve been put into this here for years and then it’s just a crushing right? So there’s a few ways to, and obviously on top of all that like back to the last slide, like reiterate, reiterate a world class experience for the customer at the same time. And if and if they do that, asking for a review face to face, like they’re gonna have zero probably. Yeah. You took care of me like I really like, yeah let’s do this now. Um So just building that to your culture, having a team meeting around it. Like you can’t just ask somebody who wants to do it, they’re gonna forget they’re gonna, you know life goes on. So I would like have team meetings on a pretty regular basis or just adding, you know if you’re already doing with your meetings or uh you know, even if you do morning stand ups, like, you know, I used to do uh toolbox talks right? And you know, whenever you get going for the day with your team before everybody like drive down their trucks to do the work, it’s, you know, you can just reiterate, alright guys, giving up some reviews, you know, how do you want to do it? But it’s just important to build as part of your company culture to really have it uh ramp up to the, to the next level. So again, like there’s a saying to, you can’t manage what you don’t matter. So I would put some sort of measuring tracking system in place uh and then celebrate the wind. Like I’ve also this ties into the last slide, but you can always create a culture to, let’s say you got, You know, 10 text on your team, He could do a monthly giveaway. Like whoever gets the most five star reviews this month is gonna get a $500 gift card or you know, whatever a bonus, you know, figure out whatever would be appealing to your people, right? You know, they’re better than me. But you could create, you know, a lot of people are competitive to rights, you can create a competitive environment, create a leaderboard um and track it to where everybody can see like joe’s got eight reviews bob, got three, you know, nancy, got one like and it’ll start the competitiveness um out of not all of everybody but you know I have a lot of them the ones competing in the other and it’s a win win for everybody involved, right? The customer, the text in your company as a whole, another angle. I’ve seen some of our clients do that works really well. Um And also so for the time not this isn’t always gonna work out where you’re gonna be, you know face to face whenever the job like whoever’s in charge of whoever you put in charge of getting the reviews are not going to get you know life happens, you can’t do it face to face. So having a tool and leveraging a tool to do the follow up review process can be super powerful. Um And like I said we have a tool if you don’t have a tool reach out to us, we have a tool to help get you know more and more reviews. And actually yeah this really this is one um as you can see this this kind of ours this is a screenshot of logged in So he’s got 125 additional five star reviews in the last six months. Um And as you can see before coming to work with us um You know he was getting reviews here and there but you can see it says on there 792% increase in reviews received since he started leveraging the software, Not bad, not bad at all, I’d say, you know, if we can increase any facet of our business 792%, pretty strong um so and again you don’t have to use this tool if you want to cool, reach out there is just not cool, just use the one that you have your team, you’re using it and really start paying attention now. Another pieces, it is helpful typically to just respond to the review and just say like, hey, so and so it’s a pleasure working with you um you know, if we can ever help in any way, feel free to reach out or what, you know, obviously just whatever works with your personality, your company culture, just respond um and just acknowledge that you appreciate their business um and you’re you’re always there to help with one in need, so you know, take a few seconds and like if there’s any one of those five principles, I mean you might need to implement all, you know, kind of address all possible, but you know, sometimes it’s, you know, humans typically can only hang on a couple of things at once, otherwise we’ll just go AWOL and it’s all over, you could try to implement all five of these and maybe you have somebody in your team, delegate three of these things out to your team, uh project, they’re gonna work on over the next week, month, quarter However, you want to do it, you know how busy you are and where you’re at with your goals and all that good stuff, but I would say, you know, take a minute, a minute to um you know step back and really just pay attention to what you think. Um Well you know, can help you grow and scale your your online reputation quickest, right? So and again some of you might be like, oh man, I don’t know this, this just doesn’t matter. Um So again we we test this, we don’t we don’t like to say anything that we haven’t proven. Uh And again we just try to, if we say something works, it works right. We don’t want to be out of B. S. And there was a lot of garbage out there. Sorry, keep scratching around, I don’t know what contacts or all the way today. But anyways uh so we’ve been tracking this and helping a client um with this and again we we we have a google business, we can help with a lot of things. But as far as this review aspect goes for the google business profile and local service out account. This is a screenshot from a local service out account, as you can see. And then this is where it gets fun and this is what we strive for. You want to dominate a market 427 reviews. Um And again I’ve seen guys with more, I’m not trying to say like this is the biggest baddest out there, but for 27 in the restoration and most markets pretty strong. Uh, like you said, we’re most major markets across the country this point and 4 27 strong. Um, and here’s where it gets fun. This has had direct correlation to ramping up his local service athletes. And as you can see this is across, this is across two months time. So how many, how many of you guys would like an extra 20 for leads in a month and then 51 leads in the bottom. I mean a lot of guys come back if I can actually 10 calls a month. That’d be awesome. What about 51 and 24. I mean, this is, this is decently sized hard company and they can handle it. I mean, um, you know, if you’re still in a smaller and you know, hang on 51 jobs a month, you probably might not have enough equipment, which that’s okay. Right. This doesn’t happen overnight. That’s a good thing. Um, but watch this two, divided by 51. Yeah, $91 for an exclusive water damage league. I’d say most of you would be willing to pay. And, and with local service adds again. This, this webinar is not based on that. Um, I think I did. Yeah, I did one recently. I think we might have some technical difficulties. I’ll do another one on it but 51 An Extra 51. Um water damage leads for $91 for an exclusive phone call. If any of you guys have been in this game long enough, you want to pay that all day every day because you know 33 miles service direct. I mean nothing against these companies. A lot of our clients presents another lead source. Um You want multiple league sources in your business to grow and scale. But when you’re paying them 3 54 104 50 and you’re getting these for 91 you know I’d say I’d want to do it right? And again the reviews is one of the aspects that have helped him get to this point versus not at this point. So I just wanted to bring that up. You know I mean everybody’s like well yeah the musical didn’t really help you grow. You know that will help me get more leads whatever. So if you want an extra 75 leads across a couple of months I’d say pay attention to your reviews and online reputation especially and that’s not including the google business profile calls, right? I mean there’s I think with him, yeah he’s got he’s got multiple locations but he’s getting hundreds of calls a month from all his sources. Um Especially like I said I just showed you 75 across 60 days here I think he gets he gets over 100 plus from G. D. P. Hello? Um So again there’s business out there and this is so important I feel like I’m starting repeating myself. I just want to drive this home that this works. So here’s a few strategies. I mean I’ve kind of already covered a lot of leverage tools if you have them train your text and bring it into their awareness and your whole team is awareness right? Um And I think the world class experience and bringing this like it’ll it’ll drive up I think the culture and the quality aspect as a whole as a byproduct of this right? So that’s another side of ancillary benefit to that. And then you you know leverage any automation that you might be able to have whatever software like leverage automation because you can have your office person make the call but then the person doesn’t answer. And then and then that that’s it is what we’ve seen like nothing else ever happened after. So uh like I said if you want to leverage automation three times you have stuff built out in a minute. If you’re already using a software it may or may not have that but make sure you’re using the software you have fullest potential. Um And again we’ve kind of got things, certain things built out but we have automation email and text automation is built out for our partners to where they can just you know once a month we have monthly review calls with our account manager at a minimum just for beauty campaigns hey where we going like you know what’s the plan? We just like to go back and forth, make sure on the same page was part of that, they can give us a customer list, whatever they did 50 jobs last month, we can put that in here because there’s always gonna be people that you can’t get the face to face review right? So we can put that in here and have a drip campaign automatically email every day. Or like even you know I prefer the text message was like hey we can text that person, guess what if they don’t click the review way, they’re gonna get another text. Hey so and so I’m not trying to bother to bother you but our online reputation is super important to us. I know you’re happy with uh you know the new kitchen, you just got whatever right. Um it would really mean a lot to us if you could just leave us a quick five star review, we greatly appreciate it. And remember our other strategies, gonna tap this on the end and uh to say thank you, we’re gonna send you a $25 amazon gift card as well. I can see the review comes. You want to add a little and send them and cena buys them a little bit. That will help the conversion rate as well. But again all this has happened automatic that you know our client just give us a list and we just set all this up and they don’t have to do anything. But again you guys might may or may not be able to use the software you’re using. Um But just just just figure it out because it’s super powerful and you know, we’re always trying to make our client’s life easier. So like that’s where we live. It’s all right. It’s like you give us the list will handle right. Um Or you know if you’re the owner you can give this to your front office lady or assistant. Whoever they can make you know make the call to do the politics for you right? That that could still work. It might just not be the most efficient way to do it. But again it still works. Um So how do you respond to these? Right. That was one of the principles, we talked about principle number five is uh and this kind of gives you a pulse to on you know, whoever’s doing this is kind of how each job went with a said customer, right? You gotta read the reviews, gonna get a pulse. I’m like um just how the overall job went and then you know, respond to their views and then you know formulate a strategy to addressing reviews. Like how do you want to word it? And a little tidbit to now. You know a little heads up and say this because somebody are gonna not do this right away, but I’m gonna tell you the correct way, so just pay attention. You can also say um you know, thank you for your business. And again, I’ll say this for bait, I mean cater to your specific company, but yeah, we appreciate the feedback lisa It was great working with you in helping you with your uh flooded basement issue and you see what I did there. I dropped a little keyword phrase into the review. Now, google kind of caught on to this though, and there’s not as much power to it. Um but it’s one of those things, I don’t think it hurts to do that. Uh and I do know that google crawls and season reviews too. Right? So we’re talking what we’re doing there is keyword Now, some of you do not do this because google knows this and filters this stuff out. They can actually fill the reviews out. We’ve seen people get reviews and they just don’t show up because google google knows that people are always trying to scam and you know, trying to figure out ways around the system, whatever, so don’t do you no, don’t respond to review to be like, you know, hey, we love your business, but we will be able to help you with your water fire mold remediation, toilet overflow issue uh you know, it was, it was great clearing out the mold in your crawlspace somatic and uh, you know, I’m glad we got to do across space encapsulation on top of all that. Do not do that on the, you know, in your spot reviews like what? Like again, google, that’s keyword stuffing. That stuff worked 10, 15 years ago, but Google obviously is as far as I got on that. So do not do that. Any of you have any ideas whenever I fixed that really go. So here’s just a few examples like this one’s, you know, we enjoyed being able to help you and your family get your new home dried out. Right? I mean, and so that was like, that’s good. Like that was not over too much. And then, you know, so they said thanks. Like that was kind of good though. And this one is just like, hey, thank you for the kind of legend as a player. I mean, you could be a symbol of that as well, but again, that kind of goes with your personality, your company’s personality, how much you want to. But, but responding can just be helped. So, you know, I’ve been, um, you know, talking a lot about this automation and stuff like it. Again, I have to put this in here, right? It’s just if you want our help then give us a call, like we do have lead cottage of software. Uh, we leverage, built specifically for restoration companies to help with that. This is just one piece of it all. It does all kinds of things, but that’s not what it’s about. But If you want to just us to take that load off of you and then be able to leverage all the automation. Um and then they can even be like voice mail drops and it’s pretty powerful to where like, Hey, I don’t know if you got my text or not, but if you don’t mind clicking that link and text messages since you leaving leaving us a five star review, you know, we can send you over $25 gift card. Like you can have automation with voicemail drops of you, you give us that recording, we can hope to do that, that could be part of the automation process, you can get pretty similar stuff. Um So again, we’re here to help if you need it if your system already does this. Cool. Right. I know you got some strategy might not be leveraging. Um but you know, there’s, there’s like a dashboard in here to track like where all your leads are coming from. Revenue by lead source. Uh you can chat email, text call all through this platform. It’s kind of like a full crm if you wanted to be. But you know, today we’re just mainly talking about reputation management, but again, if you guys don’t have anything like this. Um give us a call or you know, look us up frustration, marketing group. I’ll show you my phone our phone over here in a minute and you can um you know, we can help you out. So what should you do, make sure your profiles update, make sure you’re responding reviews, make sure local service profile is up to date, make sure your team, it’s in all of their awareness. Hey, we were, you know, we want to provide a world class service like us is that’s our duty to the world, right for business owners. You know, taking care of our customers survive priority number one. But sometimes when you need to remind our team members of that, make it part of the culture to start asking for reviews. Um if you’re a client of ours, uh you know, you should have already had a on boarding call specific to this, but you’ve been with us a while and you just kind of seeing this, you know, reach out of your account text and we’ll get you on this. No, no problem ASap. Uh and then again you can either try to figure this out on your own or reach out. Does that help your call? Um then the day hopefully provided some value to you guys on this webinar and again this is just one extremely important part to all these legion sources and revenue growth sources but this one is one of my favorites and what I think is, And again we started paying attention to this. Well we’ve always paid attention to it. But really in 2020, I kind of started watching this because you know, there’s a lot of funny stuff going on the world right now, right? Like nobody knows who to trust. He was to what this mother. Right. And so trust in people’s eyes across all industries also, you know, everything right in the world in general, trust is low one way to build trust in the, from our perspective in the business world is from a reputation review standpoint. So this is one of the ways to help build that trust with that potential, help you land the job versus the so hopefully, hopefully that makes sense now and again, if you want to reach out to us talk to us, you can give us a call 8433805737 or you know, or google restoration Market group should see us. And again, it’s 8433805737. To any of you guys out there, listen to this maybe on our podcast or recording or you know, somewhere out there on the interwebs. Um, or our website is, you know, the hyphen rmg dot com or you go to RMG dot digital. You can find us there as well. But again, we’re here to help you want to talk to us, uh hopefully you guys got some good value from today’s webinar, I’m telling you like it’s not too late to start focusing on this and really take your company, your restoration company, to the next level. Start creating the economic moat around your business so you can, you know, continue to grow and scale. Maybe sell it eventually, pass it down to your kids, whatever your long term goals may be. But I appreciate you guys showing up today. And uh, we will see you on the next one.

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